February 2008

Last week on Friday I had to go through portfolio review.

I was never actually in the Graphic Design College, I was a Pre-Graphic Design student.  After taking the beginning level foundations courses, you take your pieces from those classes and you present to a board of 3-8 people and you explain your work using Design talk.  bleh!  You get two tries to get in and if you fail both times it is time to find yourself a different major.

Once you get accepted then you are allowed to take the upper level design courses otherwise you are out of luck.  Also, you get a second advisor assigned to you to help you with research possibilities and scholarships and stuff like that.

Not very many people fail the first time and I’m guessing probably nobody fails the second time because if you fail the first time they assign a professor to help you correct whatever it is wrong with your portfolio.

This was pretty stressful as I didn’t have my McNeal Hall drawing done a couple days before rview which is one of the centerpieces of everybody’s portfolios.  I had all of last semester  to work on it and christmas break but I didn’t get it done until basically the last possible moment.  I wanted to get it done earlier, by my directed studies teacher who was helping me with it was a very hard person to get in touch with and meet with so that really dragged it out a lot.

Anyway, had it last friday and then yesterday I got an e-mail saying that I got accepted into the College of Design.  So that is one hurdle down.  I figured the moment would be like a Rudy with the suspense of opening up the letter (in my case the e-mail).  Not the crying or anything, but the suspense of “Did I do enough, did i make it, am I good enough?”  This was all dashed as the subject of the e-mail was “Congradualtions!”.  So I knew as soon as I opened my inbox.  No suspense for me 🙁

To celebrate, I was planning on picking up some frozen pizzas (Tony’s are the best), some Apple Juice (gave up pop for lent), and renting a movie (much cheaper than going to see one).  I was gonna call Tyler and see what he wanted to watch when he actually called me first.

I was on the bus home and we decided to go eat at Perkins, then go pick up my groceries and then go rent a movie.  We spent like an hour or more looking at videos before deciding there wasn’t anything we felt like watching until I saw Unbreakable sitting there.  Tyler hadn’t seen it so we got it.  It was good as always.

So yeah, yeah me!

Game Over

So I have another cold.  I had one two weeks ago and it was sooo bad.  I couldn’t breath out of my nose for a week.  It got to the point where I’d go blow my nose about every 10 minutes.  I bet I owe the school a lot of money in paper towels.  I hate it when your nose is stuffy, then your going in and out of the cold into the warm school and it starts to run.  It was really awkward once on the bus.  It started to run like crazy and you don’t wanna be constantly wiping it or snorting.  So this cold was drastically bad and then one morning I woke up and it was gone.  Weird.

Now, I have another one and this one is a little different.  It’s more of a coughing cold with some stuffy nose. It’s 11:44 AM and I’ve probably blown my nose 6 times since 8:30.  So not as bad as last time but it is still super annoying.  The coughing really stinks because for weight training yesterday we did 8 minute abs + i did bench for the first time in weeks.  When I cough my whole entire body, especially the abs, cry out in pain.  I’ve started to have coughing fits where once started it’s hard to stop and my muscles feel each and every one of them.

A possible reason for this bacterial onslaught against my body may be due to the fact that two nights ago I waited outside for buses for 40-45 minutes.  It was super duper cold out.  I left at 7 and didn’t get home until around 8:30.  It was terrible.  This only increases my dislike for buses.  I like riding them, it’s calming and kinda fun, but waiting for them is absolutely terrible.  I think that is the biggest thing I dislike between the Cities and DSU.  I think of how much time is wasted going to and from school and how if I were at DSU i could be using that time for homework  and stuff. I  probably spend 2 hours a day riding buses.  Probably more.  At DSU I could get anywhere in 5 minutes.  Two hours a day for everyday equals mucho much time.

Game Over

Today I had a practice interview.  It went goodly bad.  If it doesn’t make sense, just you wait.

I got there a half an hour early and while the interviewers were with other people, us waiting got to watch presentations on interview skills and questions they might ask and how to act.  Then when the interviewers were ready they came in one by one and called out our names.  We got up, walked over, shook hands, exchanged names, hugs, kisses, ect…

We walked into a different room and got to his table when I remembered I had forgotten my resume.  I told him and quickly ran back and got it.  Good way to start out the interview.

Started out normally like “Tell me about yourself” which I quickly replied, “I am awesome!”  and then I just waited in silence allowing him to soak it all in.

I did alright with everything except for the behavioral questions like “Tell me a situation when you had to work with someone you didn’t get along with and how did you hand it?”   After thinking for 30 seconds I said, “I don’t know.”

I honestly couldn’t think of any moment when I worked or was apart of something where I didn’t get along with someone.

There was that time though in 4th grade when I told Tom Sparby he couldn’t kick the football more than two feet after he sucked at kicking the football like 10 times in a row.  Tom pushed me, I pushed him, battle royal, and then Mrs. Cloos came and scolded us.  But this story doesn’t count.

Then he asked me a question like “Tell me about a time when something went terribly wrong and how did you deal with that?”

I started out talking about this problem I had making a poster and I got about halfway through when I stopped and said, “oh wait, I have an even better one.”  I then started talking about my book I was making, how it came down to last minute, how I had to improvise making a cover and got it done 5 minutes before class started, and then how I got a zero for craftsmanship.”  When I got done telling the story, I realized that was a terrible story and that I couldn’t even remember the question so I said, “What was the question again?”  He repeated it and I go “oh man, that was terrible.  Ouch, I totally killed myself on that one.”  or something along those lines.  He laughed.

He laughed a lot throughout my interview.

In the end I did decent on most things.  For behavioral questions I got a 1 out of 5.  Most everything else I got a 3 out of 5 which for my 2nd interview ever (i kind of think of it as the first) was pretty decent.  He pointed out that I should wear sleeves, preferably a suit instead of khakis and a golf shirt.  Also, I had my arms on the table which is a no-no.

While thinking how this interview was actually quite a bit of fun but how I had bombed it, the guy asked me if I had plans for working over the summer.  I said that the practice interview was actually to help me get prepared for the Job and Internship Fair coming later this month to find a job for the summer.  He said, “I’ll be there too.”  Well, apparently this guy is a recruiter for his company mainly finding architects, but he has recruited graphic designers and other areas as well.  He had given me his card at the beginning of the process but he said that I should send him my resume and he’d see if his company had any openings for interns or summer work for graphic design and if not he has outlets to other businesses as well.  That is cool.  I don’t know if it will amount to anything but if it did that would be awesome.  Especially after a kinda crappy interview.  The guy though said he really liked my energy and enthusiasm.  I think he could tell I was having a lot of fun and was pretty open and honest about everything.

I then asked him if my resume looked alright because I had just made it this afternoon.  I told him I downloaded a template off the internet and just filled it in.  He laughed quite a bit at that. Apparently not many people say things like that.  I don’t know.

So yeah, the practice interview went badly good.  That would be cool if I got a job out of a fake interview.

Game Over

So yesterday (that’s a lie, two days ago) was Ash Wed-nes-day which always is the beginning of the end. What is the end? Happiness…well, mostly. So the idea is that you quit doing things that make you happy and you quit eating. Most people would die doing that, the whole not eating thing, but not me. I never eat. Ok, that’s a lie, I eat all the time and that is what I did on Ash Wednesday.

It is a day of fasting but misread things and it confused with a day of feasting. I tiny vowel threw my whole day off. Actually, that’s a lie. I didn’t misread anything, I just forgot. But really, I feel like every school day of my life I am fasting because I feel like I hardly eat anything anyway. I seem to always have to pack lunch and supper which consists of peanut-butter and jelly sandwhiches, a banana, a couple granola bars, and maybe some peaches that come in little containers. Oh yeah, and sometimes chips (a delicacy)! That’s all I eat all day so I’m normally starving when I get home.

Anyway, I ate all that stuff Wednesday even though I wasn’t suppose to and I had a big bowl of cereal when I got home because I was famished. Also, I gave up candy, and that lasted precisely 3 1/2 hours cuz at work there was a bag full of snickers and twix and crunch bars. I had like 10 of them. That’s a lie. More like 4…maybe 5….maybe.

Why did I do this abomination? Because I can! Nope, that’s a lie. Because I forgot! That’s the truth. Candy is a tricky one. It’s the one I don’t really think about which I guess makes it the best thing to give up because it’s the one I will break the most without trying to. So I get to enjoy it throughout Lent without having to feel guilty about it but I always forget about it.

I also thought about reading for an hour a week but then thought I probably couldn’t handle that. Also, eating out. I wanted to give that up but I wasn’t sure how to gauge it. I mean, if I need to eat lunch I’m gonna eat lunch, but does that count as eating out? Sue is coming this weekend and my parents the next, would that constitute within the -eating out- bounds? Where does it stop and how would it end if I had chosen to do this? Instead I decided to avoid it by not giving it up. Giving it up was like a threat to my well being, it was like a lion that would have ripped me to shreds. Instead I’m just going to watch myself and try to avoid doing any excessive eating outside the household. Now it’s like a lion in the cage and I have the control! HAHAAHA!

Also, trying to go to confession once a week which is Dan’s idea so I’m going to purposely sin a lot so I have something to say. That’s a lie. I’m not going to do that. But I’ve lied a lot this post so it’s good we’re going to confession.

Game Over

Tonite I watched the premiere of Lost.  It was pretty cool to get caught up with the mega review of last years episodes to kinda get back in the swing of things before the premiere episode started.  Gotta say I liked it, not sure where it’s headed exactly or how it’s going to get there but when has Lost ever been predictable, right?  Nobody in my house watched it with me as they all decided to go about doing other things.  Dan went shopping and to help his buddy CB aka (you know 😉 ) put up a railing, Brenna and Katie decided to read a book out loud to each other (that isn’t weird at all) and Sarah watched Catch and Release for the umpteenth time (lame- it’s no Troy).  However, I did not watch it alone.  One of my buds, Houa, came over and was a good sport about watching.  She knows nothing of Lost so she got 3 years worth of character and plot development.  Kinda overload. Afterwards Sarah and I watched Fracture with Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins.  Not a bad movie, not great.  Good story and ending but kinda slow and a little boring but enough interesting climactic parts to keep your attention.  Overall, a letdown but not bad.

Last night went to a party thing and we played a game where you write down five nouns and everybody puts there slip in a bowl and then in 30 seconds you grab a random slip and your teammate has to guess all five nouns as you describe them.  I put Eric Bana on mine and nobody knew who he was or if they knew who he was they didn’t know his name.  It’s funny cuz most people know him from The Incredible Hulk which is probably the worst movie he was in.

Game Over