March 2008

I had the entirety of last week off. Because of this, I ventured down to Miles and Holli’s apartment to get myself LOST two weekends ago. We watched 29 episodes from Friday night to Sunday afternoon making it past Season 1 into Season 2. They sure do know how to show a lady a good time.

Some of the oober exciting things I did was watch all 3 Lord of the Rings extended editions. One on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Dad and I made this little venture together with Sue and Tom joining in on the Two Towers and then the whole family excluding mom and Steph for Return of the King.

Also, I began reading a book that I have been avoiding for the past 3 years. Avoiding, not because it is bad – it’s is fantastic – but because it is book ten of an a series that puts Lord of the Rings to shame as far as complexity goes. I finished 9 and was so overwhelmed and tired of trudging through some of lesser exciting story lines and that I couldn’t go on…until now. The book is amazing. I’m 1/3 of the way done and it is fantastic. A little break did me well. The series is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

Went shopping with mom and got some new jeans. AND some corduroys that I think are my favorite pair of pants now.

Other then that I did some homework, played some COD4 at the powerplant with Tyler, Chris, and Tony. Apparently Mark and the other managers play it as well as it was on their agenda in the meeting room. Kinda weird, but mostly awesome. Actually not mostly, totally.

Easter was good. Ate so much food I was going to explode. Watched Ratatouille and Wild Hogs on the biggest hd tv I’ve seen. In a basement that is more like a theatre than a basement. Well, it’s like a theatre in a basement. Wild Hogs was pretty good. Laughed a lot.

Now I’m back doing the school thing. It was really nice being home for a while and eating meals made by mom and hanging out with the rest of the fam.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  Saturday night Dan, Tom, and I played Diablo II after Vigil Mass and beat town 1 in nightmare mode.  Good times good times.

So, school is alright now.  I’m caught up in everything which feels fantastic.  I actually took time in between classes Thursday to go work out instead of doing homework during my 3 hour break.  That’s almost a first all year.    This weekend i’ve been working on homework in a more laid back fashion since I’ve had the time, but now I’m stuck on my business stats.  I never know what I’m doing in stats when I start my homework but I can normally figure it out problem by problem.  I can’t this time.  I’m dazed and confused which sucks because I was hoping to have it done by tonite.  In my drawing class we are doing illustration animation so I’m going to draw a guy with a sign that says “Save the Trees!” and then he is going to turn into a tree, and then a cloud is going to come and strike him with lightning and he is going  to burn to the ground.  Or I might have the cloud dump gasoline on the tree and light him on fire with a match or something.

Spring Break starts next weekend.  It was a weird coincidence because I was wondering what to do, whether to stay here and work, go home, or what. I came up with the idea that I’d like to stay with Holli and Miles for a few nights and hang out with them.  Next thing I know I get this LOST party invitation for the same weekend as my spring break to stay at their house for the weekend.  What a coingkidink. I no longer had to ask them because essentially they were asking me.  How cool is that!  Now if only that would happen with the president. I was still undecided cuz driving their, home, then back all costs money, gas money and I’m really conservative.  I made up my mind today though that screw, I’m going.  Then I’ll be back in BSC for the rest of the week to chill and be chill.  Maybe work for dad if he has something up his sleeve for me to do.

Oh yeah, started selling plasma again.  Haven’t had time until this past week.  It is amazing.  I had forgotten.

Game Over