April 2008

Dan and I went home this weekend…for about 22 hours.  Yes, we came, we ate, we saw, we slept, and we ate again, and then left.

The subject of our road trip had to do with Cinderella.  Micaela was fantastic as Joy who was one of the evil step sisters.  So full of not joy and she did such a great job that she and Rachelle (the other evil step sister) had the crowd in the palm of their hands making the audience laugh at will…or me anyways.  It was a “joy” to see her succeed at being so “not joyful”.  If you had seen the play it makes perfect sense in all the right ways.  No slap of silence for her!

Tom was good too!  He got to dance with a girl which puts him about 2 years ahead of me in the “dancing with high school girl” category.  Other than that, he smiled a lot and just was a stud.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, “that’s not impressive, I could do that too” and Paula is probably thinking “Hogan is the only real stud on this earth!”  You are all wrong.

That was Friday night.  On saturday Dan and I stayed for lunch, talked with the fam for a couple hours and then we bounced.  We met Tony and his buds Nathan and ******, Tyler, Chris, and Miles and Holli at Godfather’s Pizza which was delicious.  Then we hit up the concert.

Ben Fold’s was awesome.  Lots of songs, lots of good songs, some nice comments like “Your gym is nice” and …um…. “Your gym is nice, it has nice acoustics….”.  The only downer – he didn’t play Army.   I mean, c’mon!!  Army IS Ben Folds.  First Ben Folds song I ever heard. I mean, YOU DON”T EVEN KNOW!

Other than that it was total awesomeness.   Side note- Tony’s hooded sweatshirts doesn’t fit me.

Sunday came and I awoke to come downstairs to find Chris Smith sleeping on the futon in my house!  Like Christmans but so much gayer.  Nah, I knew he was there.   He spent the night instead of driving back to Marshall that night which was cool.  We watched an episode of The Office that night when we got back.  Sunday we played MLB The Show 07 and then Dan, Chris, Chris (bren’s fiance) and I played Rockband until around 1 or 2.  Then Chris took off, Dan and I went shoe shopping and then came Mass.  Invited my friend and fellow LOST partner Houa to church with us.  She’s a Catholic that hasn’t been to mass since she was a really little girl so that was really cool.   Afterwards at our house we had a grillout so we had brats, hamburgers, and grilled chicken while we all sat out in the deck.  It was really peaceful and relaxing.  That night Sarah and I watched Once which was a pretty decent movie.  I liked the music, movie was a little slow, but it was short too which kind of made up for it.  I’d give it a B-/B.   I then fell asleep on the couch waiting for the PS3 to update.

My weekend in a nutshell.

“It was a shell of a good hit!”

“I like it, step up!”

If you can guess what movie that quote is from you get 10 points.

Game Over

Sorry it has been a while since I last posted.  Things are going pretty decent here in Minneapolis/St. Paul besides the fact that it has been snowing out this past week.  Nothing major, not like Big Stone which had school cancelled, but it is still a bummer all the same.  This past week was probably one of the easier weeks I’ve had since school has started with nothing due for classes for the entire week.  It was nice.  I’m not complaining.
This week is a little busier with a project due in Drawing and Illustration class.  We are drawing animations and my animation is a guy holding a sign that says “Save the Trees”.  Then you see the transformation of this man turning into a tree himself.  Then a cloud comes up from the background, pours gasoline on him, and throws a bolt of lightning at him which then makes him light on fire.  Then, alas, he burns to the ground and in the end there is just a pile of ash with the sign just laying propped up against his ashy remains.  Ahh, the irony.

I also have my math Final on wednesday so after Wednesday I no longer have math class.  I find it very odd to finish a class a month before other class but whatever, I’m not complaining.

In other news, Dan and I defeated Army of 2 which I found to be a very fun co-op game.  Pretty intense.  Quite repetitive, but when the thing that is repetitive is fun (blowing people up), I’m not complaining.

Brenna and I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art which is a free Art Museum with tons and tons of paintings, sculptures, furniture, photography, etc… The place is gargantuan and never seems to end so that was very interesting.  I need to go back again because I feel like we didn’t get through most of it and we spent about 2 hours there.  That is the second time I’ve been to an art museum.  They aren’t bad, i’m not complaining.

Looking forward to going home for the play this weekend and then to the Ben Folds Concert.  That should be pretty boss.  Micaela is one of the wicked step sisters and Lauren is Cinderella which is good for them.  I think they are going to do a fantastic job.  If not, they shall be shunned for the next three years.  It is the Schrewt way.  I’ll hit them with a slap of silence.

So yeah, life is going pretty well.  It would be nice to have better grades which would make me feel better.  I think I’m getting a D in Business Stats.  Other than that though, at this exact moment, life is alright.  I’m not complaining.

Game Over