June 2008

So, since coming back home, it’s been jam packed with things…fun things mostly.  Last week on Monday dad, Dan, and I went down to Kansas City to move Dan into his new place.  His new place is really nice, the community is pretty sweet although their basketball court looks like it was made for midgets with regular sized baskets. 

While down there, Dan picked out a bedroom set, a mattress, and a new couch that massages your back!  We went golfing one fine afternoon and I started out shooting terrible but then I pared 2 holes in a row, should have been three.  I ended up shooting a 59 and a 53 which is pretty bad, but not too bad for a first time out with all new clubs.  We also went to two Twins games which turned out to be amazing games to go to.  Walk off homeruns, inside the park homer, 5 run comeback in the 9th.  Ultimately, those games couldn’t have been better.  Then came graduation.

Micaela’s graduation went very smoothly.  Everything went well setting things up and cleaning.  She gave a speech as she was the saluditorian and she blew it out of the water.  The speech was short and funny and had a really good message.  The only thing you could fault her for was speaking too fast, but other than that it was really good.  

One big suprise of that evening was when I turned around to see Holli and Miles.  Shocker!!  Had they gotten LOST?  Nope, they came on purpose which was really cool and a nice suprise.  Its always good to see cool people and hang out with cool people infront of all your other family and the Big Stone/Ortonville community because then they know just how cool you are.  I was like ice…like ice from the Arctic…

Tony was there too…he’s like global warming to my being cool…not cool tony, not cool at all. Just kidding!!  We were like totally trippin the entire time which was boss on so many different levels.

In the end it was a good day for Micaela and a great day for me to get to see and hang out with my family and friends that I don’t get to see anymore (Holli and MIles) or won’t be seeing very much in the near future (Tony and Dan).  At the end of the day Tony, Dan, Tom and I fought the forces of evil and we won…hence, we saved the world.  Just like the night before when not only that stellar team but Chris also included defeated the legions of Hell. 

Videos games rock!!

This week I started work at Rausch Bros. I was polishing today and I did what is called a gravey run. A gravy run is where somebody takes a van or truck somewhere to drop something off doing no work and then coming right back.  I get those all the time and they are awesome.  That is what I’ll mainly be doing for the rest of the week.  Then on Friday, Houa is coming to visit!!  I’m totally stoked about that.  We may end up meeting Miles and Holli Friday if thigns work out.  Right now though it is looking like I’ll pick her up in the cities since I have a gravy run there in the morning anyways.  We still have to talk about it though.   I’m really looking forward to having her meet the family and show her the place I grew up in.  That’ll take about 5 minutes and then we’ll spend the rest of the time in the house with no internet or cable taking naps and reading books.lol

Game Over

Game Over

Sorry, it’s been about a month but I, ultimately, just haven’t felt like posting.

Well, finished finals with flair and style. I pulled of 2 B’s, 2 B+’s, and an A in weight training. Overall I’m pretty happy, especially when I thought one of the B’s was gonna be a C.

For the summer I’ll be working at Rausch Bros. again making some sweet moola and living at home for free, Golfing with my boyz, hanging out with my aunt’s, kickin it with my cousins.

In other news, I now have a girlfriend. Shocking! I know.

How we met is what I bet you are all asking yourselves. Well, we both worked at Minitex (the library where I work at on campus). We started hanging out once a week to watch LOST, just as friends. Eventually we started hanging out more and more and then bam, we hooked up! Her name is Houa Lee, she is 21 so she is older then 18 so no worries there. *wink!* Also, she is shorter than me which is a plus. You all have facebook, so this is probably old news to you, but yeah, she is amazing…in bed! hiyooo!  jk!
She is of Hmong heritage from Laos.  Her entire life she has grown up in the U.S. in Wisconsin and recently, 3 years ago or so, she moved to the Twin Cities.  She can speak Hmong and is a Catholic although her family quit going when she was a little girl.

Sorry about the long delay.