So last week Chris Fellows, his dad, his brother, Chris Smith, and I went down to Omaha to watch the College World Series finals between Georgia and Fresno State. We were down there for 3 days to watch the 3 games.  These games were really good with pitching being almost non-existent and both teams teeing off and going yard.  During the last game there was this really really old guy with no shirt on harassing some fans so 4 security guards came and escorted him out of the area and as the old guy was walking out he let out a big loud f bomb.  Musta been from Phili!  We left Monday morning around ten.  Each game was at 6 at night so during the day we hit up some malls. One mall was two stories tall and the entire second floor was completely empty.  The food court was upstairs and only 2 out of like the 8 places were open.  All the others were empty.  It was like a ghost mall.  We said screw this to that mall and went to a bigger, better mall.  We got home Wednesday at 3 in the morning.  Thanks to Matt being all amped up on energy drinks I didn’t have to drive at all on the way home and got to sleep.  Good start to the week.

Then last weekend I went to the cities to visit Houa.  I stayed with Tyler but didn’t really see him at all.  Got in Friday night and just hung out at her place for a while.  That night at Tyler’s they had a campfire going with guys eating chips and smoking hooka.  I ate the chips and I smoked the hooka.  It’s alright.  Not really that interesting or cool but not bad.  The chips were muy muy better.  Saturday Houa, her sister, and I went to her cousins’ house and a bunch of us went fishing.  Then after that we all went swimming in a lake.  Then after that we had a cookout at her cousins’ house.   Then I watched Houa, her sister, and her cousin strip… bamboo into tubs while little boys sang songs at the top of their lungs in hmong and english. (You see how I organized that sentence, how many of you had a dirty thought?  it’s okay, don’t be ashamed, it was set up that way).  That was a crazy fun filled day.  It is a little different atmosphere hanging out with hmong people because at least half the time they are speaking hmong so i really have no idea what is going on.  But then half the time they are speaking english so everything is normal.  And then sometimes they say part of something in hmong and finish it in english.  Then I’m confused. lol   Houa does a pretty good job of keeping me in the loop though which is really nice. 

On Sunday we went to church back at Nativity where I used to go and then we went ot Baker’s Square near the Roseville mall for brunch.  After brunch went to the mall to buy my mom her 50th birthday card and a gift and I also got some flip-flops.  Wouldn’t imagine I would ever get flip-flops, but i guess when you have a girlfriend who likes them, sacrafices must be made.  Honestly though, I have been thinking about how I should get l flip flops over the past 2 summers to combat the whiteness of my skin on my feet.  Well, now I have them so bring it on sun.  It’s game time! 

After shopping we were going to meet Tyler to watch Wall-E but he decided to watch the Twin’s game instead so we went for a walk in a park instead.  I wore my new flip flops and it rubbed the skin away on one of my toes.  I took it like a man though so no biggy.  After that we picked up Tyler at his house, I dropped Houa off at hers, and Tyler and I made the trip home listening to his music and a stand up comedian who was HILARIOUS!!  Can’t remember who it was though, but man, he was good.  

So that was my week last week.  Pretty much full of traveling and just chillin.  aka living the dream. 

Side Note:  Brought the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with me so Houa’s little brothers could watch it.  They watched it 9 times in two days.  Blew me away.

See you all at the Reunion….well, most of you all!

Game Over