So its crazy but my summer is almost over.  I start school the day after Labor Day.  I’m looking forward to starting school again, living with Tyler, seeing Houa, having no life because of homework.  I’ll be poorer than a homeless man or woman, but that just means I’ll sell plasma again and save lives while creating life long friends with the city’s underbelly.  The classes that I’ll be taking this year are”

Type Design – A class soley focused on font.  After kids take this class, they start making fun of fonts, like which ones are ugly and useless. I think to myself “wow, weird people” and then I realize that I’m probably going to be like them.  Oh well, at least when I do it, it will be cool…right? As of right now though, all font is special with special purposes.  They should all be treated equally, they can’t help it if they are an ugly font. One man’s ugly font is another man’s treasure I say.

History of Visual Communication – Sounds like a super boring class.  It is writing intensive which I’m going to have to listen to a lecture and write a paper about stuff.  I don’t like history, especially about visual communication…how do I know?  I don’t, but I don’t like papers and this class has all kinds of boring written all over it.

Intro to Financial Accounting – this is a class that goes towards my Business Minor that I haven’t yet applied to the Carlson School of Business for.  So, to get the minor, i have to be accepted, but I haven’t applied yet.  I have the beginning courses done that are need to apply, this is one of the first classes you take once you get accepted, but I like being a rebel. I like breaking the rules. Carlson kind of takes things seriously, but i’m like “Why so serious?”. 

Beginning Hmong – So I’m taking a Hmong speech class every single day.  It does listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills so basically the hardest class ever.  I’m taking it because Houa and her family speak it a lot, and that is what her parents are really fluent in, and I think in the long run, it’ll be good for me to have some sort of idea or general understanding of what is going on. Then I can know when they are talking about me behind my back.  All I have to do is learn the words “white boy” in Hmong and then I know they are talking about

So really, it is only one design class which i’m really glad about.  At times last year I felt like I had design overload, so it’ll be nice to not have to focus on too many things at once. I’ll be working at Minitex again, to start out anyway.  I feel like if a design job opens up though I should try for it even though I’m comfortable and I like Minitex.  So we will see where I end up.  I’m not the most motivated when it comes to job hunting or applying or anything, so I don’t know if I’ll change, but at the same time I realize I’m going to need all the experience I can get before I get done with college if I want to have a half-ways decent resume. 

I’m really sorry about the job Holli even though I know you disliked the company, however, I feel like it was probably for the best. Watch The Pursuit of Happiness and maybe that will cheer you up.  I think that’s what I’d do if I ever felt like things were down career wise. Things always turn around eventually if you give it enough time. 

Game Over!