October 2008

So the city has been cleaning the streets meaning their is a certain day when you can’t park on the street you normally park on.  They had signs up down the street I live on for the past couple days saying TUESDAY- NO PARKING FROM 7:00 AM TO 4:30 PM.  Now I, being the genius that I am, for some reason thought that Tuesday meant I didn’t have to move my car until Friday.  Why?  I don’t know, that is just how I process things sometimes.  I saw the sign like 5 times the past two days and it never registered that moving my car was so soon.

Yesterday I got home around 5 and I had a really bad headache so I went to bed and got up around 8:15.  Made supper, watched the end of Heroes, then feeling really sick, went back to bed until 8:15 this morning.  I got up, felt fantastic, showered, started a load of laundry, made breakfast, and then I realized – out of nowhere- Crap!!! my car is supposed to be moved today!!

Why I now realized Tuesday didn’t mean Friday, I don’t know, but I knew it already being 9:10 that I was in serious trouble.  So I ran to the door and looked out and the street was barren except for about 4 cars and a tow-truck that had just put a jeep on the back of it.  I didn’t see my car anwhere!! There was maybe a jeep, a white car in front of my house, and another car further down the road.  I thought I had parked my car down the block a ways and I didn’t see it anywhere.  Standing there, looking out the door I was thinking to myself, “No way, no way, you have got to be kidding me!”.  “I don’t want to pay a $200 towing fine!!”

Then, looking over the cars again, i realized the white car in front of my house was actually my white car!!! It was one of the lucky ones that hadn’t been towed yet.  So I ran out the door, hopped into my car with the frosted over windshield and took off into the sunrise for freedom.  Not being able to see much, this was harder than it sounds.  I eventually parked 3 or 4 blocks away and had a very cold walk back to my house, but I didn’t care, my car was safe and so was my money.  When I got back the tow truck and already hooked a second car onto it and was towing that off as well along with the jeep from earlier.  Looking at the 2 cars still their they both had envelopes in the windshield which means they probably got fined which means I probably got fined which means I hope the envelope is still on my car from me driving around.  Oh well, whatever.  I didn’t get towed.  My name is Neo and I can dodge bullets!

Game Over

This weekend, Houa and I drove down to her mom’s place in Onalaska, WI. It’s my first time being in Wisconsin, and I gotta say where we drove, it was pretty gorgeous.  Lots and lots of trees on hills, and with it being Fall all the trees were ablaze of different colors.

We left Friday, we wanted to leave around 2, but didn’t leave until around 5 which is kind of a typical Rausch thing…being late. Its a 3 hour drive down there.  We got lost once but otherwise made it there just fine.  Houa’s younger sister Anna (she’s 18-Micaeala’s age) and her boyfriend also came up from Milwaukee where she goes to school.  That night we just sat around and watched tv, did grocery shopping for the weekend, and talked which was nice.  On Saturday was the Hmong New Year festival in LaCrosse which is kind of like a Cornfest, except 5 times bigger and mainly 99 just Hmong people there.  They had a big soccer tournament going with a few fields of soccer being played on and a beach volleyball tournament going on as well.  We didn’t watch any of that, but we walked around all the booths selling Hmong movies, hmong music, clothing, jewelry, shoes.  After doing the shopping, we all went and ate.  I, being the daring food eater that I am, stuck with fried chicken which also came with sticky rice which was pretty good.  After that we went to the performance stage and sat down and watched people dance and sing (all in hmong) for an hour or so. While walking around we ran into a couple of Houa’s cousins which she hadn’t seen in years so that was neat.

After getting back from that everybody was wiped out so we all just layed around and napped until supper.  We had a ton of food to eat for supper and after we were done eating we went to Houa’s aunt and uncles place nearby where I had to eat again.  At that place, I ended up almost eating an entire eggroll which is amazing cuz I am not an eggroll guy whatsoever.  Houa had to finish it for me though, I couldn’t eat the last bite.  I also ate squirrel there.  Not much meat on squirrels these days. After that, we sat around for a while and then went home where we finished up The Return of the King which we had been watching the night before and previously in the afternoon.

This morning Houa,Angela (her 9 year old sister), and I went to mass and then got back to find that Anna’s boyfriend was sick.  Shortly thereafter, Houa, Anna, Angela, their mom, and I went out shopping for clothing for Houa and Anna and for food for them too.  Once we got back Houa and I took Angela to Dairy Queen where we got ice-cream and then we dropped her off, said our goodbyes and headed home which went by really quickly.

All in all, the weekend was a really good time.  It was nice to meet Houa’s family down in Wisconsin and to meet her mother.    I think everything went well with her family, although Houa’s grandma said if we didn’t behave, her dad would hunt me down and cut me up into little pieces.  Sounds just like my grandmas.lol 😉

Now back to reality with homework and tests and projects….sigh.

Game Over

So I was really pumped for this weekend because I had almost 0 homework.  Friday night there was a big drunkfest party at my house so naturally I did what I do best and avoided the crowd by staying downstairs watching television.  Chris came this weekend and got here Friday night, not for the party, and he, Tyler, Houa and I watched the Boston vs. Angels while lots of people I don’t know were getting tipsy upstairs.  On Saturday Tyler and Chris went to the Gopher’s game (that’s why he came up) and I stayed at the house and watched it on the big 50″ flatscreen in HD.  Who got the better deal?  I don’t know.  It was a great game though, the Gophers played pretty well.  Tyler then went to work, chris came back and slept, I went to Confession.  After confession Houa came over and we put in Lord of the Rings because she’s never seen them.  We only had 1/2 of the movie left to watch.  It took us 3 times to get through the first half.  The first time she fell asleep after 20 minutes.  Then the next time she fell asleep in 20 minutes.  The third time though she stayed awake until everyone made it to Rivendelle.  Saturday night, with Chris there and Tyler there, she was able to watch the entire second half of the movie without her falling asleep.  The second half is the more exciting half anyways.  On Sunday we all sat around and watched football.  The Vikings don’t play until tonite so there really wasn’t any game on that was real exciting to watch, but playing fantasy football helps a lot because then every game means a little bit more. Houa and I then went to mass at 5 where we meet up with Katie and Brenna and get our prayer on.  Afterwards, we went to Snuffy’s where we met Dan and Annie (did I mention Dan come up here this weekend to run a 10 mile marathon?) and we all ate supper together.  Afterwards, Dan dropped Annie off at her house and then he, Houa, and I went to Brenna and Chris’s apartment to play Rockband.  I got to drive his sweet new car there!  It is sweet!!!  He got black too which is totally hott, especially in summer and at night!  Rockband was a ton o’ fun cuz I haven’t played it since forever.  After that I went it was around 9:30 or so and I went to Houa’s where we did homework, she did painting and Spanish, I did Typography and while we worked we watched the Two Towers.  Got halfway through that one too.  Now, I’m at school and the weekend is over but the Vikes are on tonite which I’m really pumped for.  Go Vikes!  Prolly gonna lose though 🙁

Game Over!