I found this link to be pretty interesting:


Found it to be pretty intense and although I don’t blame atheism for the bad things going on in the country, I think it does strike a chord in that at some point the USA has to have some sort of standard instead of no standard as far as religion goes.  Freedom is slowly turning into no freedom as by trying not to step on peoples toes the government is stepping on everyones.


The government trying to force Catholic doctors in Catholic hospitals to do abortions.

What happened to our rights, our freedoms?  Is it because of athiests that things have gone this far; no, i don’t think so, but by not taking a stand on what is right or wrong and by allowing people to get their way in the name of freedom over time has led to the intrusion of freedoms of others.

Does America believe in God?  Most of America I’m sure would say yes but its hard to see in the rules of this country in the form of courts and the government as a whole.  By not taking a stand, the government has taken one that alienates those that created the nation in the first place.  We say God Bless America but how long has it been as a nation that we have done anything serving God?  We (as a nation) don’t deserve God’s blessing as it is very clear he is not allowed in many public events, gatherings, and court rulings.  Now we are probably going to have a president who does not believe a baby born outside of the womb is considered a baby if it was trying to be aborted and can therefore be killed. Apparently the difference now between being human or not has nothing to do with the baby, but how the people around it feel about it.  If the doctor isn’t trying to kill you you’re human, if not, your obviously just a mistake that needs to be taken care of. I wonder once the babies born if they’ll suck up the parts with a vacuum cleaner or inject it and then cut it up to sell the parts?  Thanks for being our savior Barack. God Bless America.