January 2009

So the mild mannered David went into the heart of the wild to behold the great slaughter of some very beautiful creatures.  The morn was crisp, the forest was silent, the suns rays were shining through the trees in golden joy that made the hills and forest looked surreal.  I looked at an owl sitting on the tree watching me, the massive rock formations with the mold growing all over one side, old branches lying all over the ground, it was a testiment that at least here, time stands still.  It was beautiful.



Boom!  Boom!

Then shouts broke through the forest and the sound of crackling as large things brushed past trees and the grass and rotted logs cracked and broke under the footsteps of pursuers.   The chase was on!

I broke over a hilltop to see a group of humans running off over another bluff and so I followed.

As I broke over the next hilltop top I could see what had happened.

Bambi’s mom was dead, lying in golden weeds next to a clear blue pond that lightly sparkled from the reflection of the golden sunlight.

Well,  she was not really dead at. It was still alive.  They had to shoot it like 2 more times and kept missing until Chuck walked up to it and shot it in the head.

And like that, hunting season was over because everybody killed their deer.

I took a trip to the cities to see Pete and hang out with the family in the annual deer hunting trip.  On the way I stopped at Holli and Miles place to sleep.  It was a lot of fun catching up, watching episodes of The Office, and sleeping in that amazing bed. I don’t see or hang out with them anymore so it was nice to kind of relive the old days which really aren’t so old, but they still feel old. I really enjoyed seeing them.

Then I made it to Rapid the next day and met Pete there.  Saw his house and his new dog Sasha which is a super cute beagle.  He and Sabrina made that investment and she sure is sweet but the thing pee’d at least 6 times (AT LEAST) in a couple hours.  I think that is its favorite game to play “What can I make wet now”.  You guys know what I’m talking about, we all used to play that game.

That night Pete and I went out into the hills for about an hour to do some quick hunting before he, Tim Rausch, and I headed up to the cabin to meet with “the others”.  While we were out there for that one hour, Pete got his deer.  We probably were hunting maybe 15 minutes when he shot it.  When we got to the cabin it turned out everybody there had gotten theres except for Chuck.  I guess its the quickest everybody has gotten their deer and the easiest it has ever been.  While there we saw a ghost town, watched some movies, played 2 games of poker, and ate a ton of food.

Overall it was a great weekend.  It was nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with the family.  I guess it was also good to see how to gut a deer if I ever get the urge.

So I’m back in the cities working full time until school starts on the twentieth.  Christmas was great.  Went sledding and was brought back to the world of computer games.

Dan, Tom, MICAELA, and I beat Diablo II exp. again which was a blast and then Micaela, Tom and I beat Titan Quest which was very very cool.  Like Diablo, but 3d.

Houa came out for New Years in Alexandria with the fam and then stayed the rest of the weekend until that monday.  On New Years Eve my family wen to Alexandria like they do every year.  That day my car, micaela’s van, and Tom’s car all refused to work and they all had to be towed in and worked on. Mine got a new battery.

I got a new camera for Christmas.  It is really nice adn I like it a lot.  Dan got me ipod headphones because the speakers in mine were blown out, the rubber around the speakers was worn out, and I didn’t have my speakers anymore because I lost them.  The new earbuds rock!!

I read the new Eragon book called Brisinger.  It was muy good!  Every chapter seemed worth reading and it was fun, pretty well paced. One more to go in that series.

Saw the movie 7 Pounds.  Was super disappointed which is weird because I LOVE 90% of the movies I see and I haven’t seen a Will Smith movie I didn’t like.  I would tell you not to bother with the movie, waste of time and money.  Tyler liked it which makes me want to say, go see it because you might actually like it a lot.  Very dramatic movie.  The choice is yours.

Just finished Heroes.  The season is over and it was pretty good.  Really intense for the most part and really crazy.  Its a show that I just shrug my shoulders at and enjoy. Waiting for LOST to begin.  Started watchig The Fringe which is part produced by JJ Abrams.  So far so good.  At times I’m closing my eyes it is so gross and at times I’m at the edge of my seat figuring out what is going on.  All in all a good time.  Sorry its been so long!!