So I don’t like having to wait for the bus in this super cold weather. My house is in-between the East Campus and the St. Paul Campus with about a 8 minute ride to either campus. When I go to St. Paul, i get dropped off on the edge of the St. Paul campus and its a 10 minute walk to class and that means a 10 minute walk back.

When it’s cold out, that really is not fun. What I don’t like about the bus is EVERY SINGLE TIME I come back from class I am about a half a block from the bus stop and the bus drives by. This means I have a 10 to 20 min wait for the next one. I miss it every time!
It doesn’t seem to matter if I leave class early, on time, or late. I miss it by about 30 seconds. It is very annoying.

I like the walk when its nice out, when its cold its not so great.