Quite a lot happened this Spring Break.  The weekend started out with Pete’s Bachelor party.

Houa and I drove down to Sioux Falls where I dropped Houa off with Miles and Holli while I went on to the Holiday Inn to check into the rooms.  Then I drove to Famous Daves about 45 minutes before everyone showed up.  There were 8 people coming from Rapid City, 3 guys coming from Big Stone, and 2 guys from Sioux Falls.

Like I said before I was there before everyone else to get our name on the list, an hour after everyone showed up we got seated. I was there for 2 hours waiting before we were able to sit down.  The guy who was taking peoples names told us that the group we were waiting for had mostly left but there were still 3 people there and they couldn’t ask them to leave legally.  He said they were being jerks because they didn’t like something so they wanted it free, Famous Daves said no, and so they wouldn’t leave and were being jerks.  I decided I had enough waiting so I walked over to where the guy said they were sitting and asked if they would leave so we could eat. They left nicely saying if they had known we were waiting they would have left right away.  As they were walking out, the workers at Famous Dave’s began to cheer.lol  They gave us free appetizers for kicking the people out and for the long wait.

After eating it was about 10 o’clock so we went back to the motel and went swimming and let the food settle before we went to the bar. After swimming we went to the bar where we met up with Pete’s fiance’s bachelorette party which was going on at the same time.  There we stood around, talked, drank, and socialized.  It was nice catching up with some kids from high school that I haven’t talked to in what feels like years.  After that we went back to the hotel to sleep, but not before security got called to tell us to be quiet.  Everyone (not me) was kind of tipsy so they had a hard time not wrestling and being loud.

Saturday morning we went to Perkins where we met up with Sabrina’s party and we all ate breakfast together.  Afterwards I went back to Miles and Holli’s to get Houa and before we left we all watched an episode of Lost where Ben kills all the Darma initiative because I had missed that episode. Then we played Little Big Planet to give me a taste of its goodness.  Then we went out to eat at DQ and chatted which was quite delightful.  Thanks again Miles and Holli!!  Houa said she had a good time and everything went well!

Houa and I then went to Big Stone and hung out with the family. On Sunday was Houa’s birthday so mom made her a cake and she got her gift of flowers from me and a scarf from my family.   We left on Sunday and headed back to Minneapolis where we worked all day on Monday through Wednesday.

Wednesday night I got sick so I stayed home from work on Thursday and watched the beginning games of March Madness.  It was awesome.  On Friday, with me still slightly sick, Houa and I left for Onalaska, WI to visit her mom and 2 brothers and half sister.  Onalaska is a beautiful beautiful area and it was a pretty good weekend other than the fact that I felt like crap.  I got sick becaue of going home to visit my family in which Tom was sick.

In Onalaska we did some shopping where Houa got some clothes that were her Christmas and Birthday gifts from her mom.  We also visited her grandma where they spoke hmong and I had no idea what they were saying but apparently they talked a lot about me. Its weird knowing afterwards that an entire conversation about you transpired right in your face without you having any idea.

We then headed out and got back Sunday night in which I got a really bad fever.  I am better now though.  Hopefully her family didn’t get sick like we did.  Then school started again.  Lots of traveling and lots of sickness.  It was a good break but didn’t really feel like break which was too bad.