May 2009

So on May 16th, Houa and I had our one year!  Yeah us!

So it was a Saturday, we both weaseled our way out of Finals that we had that day so we could do stuff together.  I worked for dad at a show in Minneapolis until 2 and then skedattled out of their.

I had a few things to do before I picked her up at 4:30.

I got home around 2:30, got dressed in my nice dress pants, shirt, and tie.  I then loaded my pictures for my final project onto a cd for photography class.  I then drove to school, dropped by the classroom and handed them to my teacher who was with my class going over their finals.  I then went to Target at about 4.  I got a card, and looked for the movie Phantom of the Opera.  While looking for Phantom, I found My Best Friends Wedding which is also a Houa Lee So I ended up getting her both movies.

I then ran over to Rainbow grocery store where they have a bunch of flowers. I was thinking about getting her orchids but there wasn’t any there I liked so I got her a more expensive bouquet of flowers which I thought looked pretty.  I then ran out to my car, signed the card I got, and then drove to her place to pick her up. Got there just at 4:30!

Houa and I then went downtown to eat at Belinote.  Super nice, super expensive.  Everything was really great except it was really loud in there because all the tables were squished together.  We sat next to a couple who it sounded like were on a blind date.  They talked about all kinds of things.  The lady doesn’t want to mary a garbage man.  She wants someone who has more ambition than that.  She was also concerned on how the guy would handle nutrition with his kids.  Kinda heavy for a first date.  She seemed way to intense.

After supper we walked over to the Orpheum theatre where we watched The Phantom of the Opera musical.  Houa has been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting FOREVER to go watch this play, her favorite musical.  It was a fantastic experience and a pretty good play.  We agreed one of the voices didn’t fit, Christines childhood friend who likes her (the good guy).  Houa didn’t think the Phantoms voice fit too well either but I disagreed.  During intermission some lady fell down the steps by us. I missed it.  She was OK  though which I knew she would be which is why I didn’t save her.  I have a 6th since about women falling down things.

After that it was back to her apartment where we exchanged gifts. I got season 3&4 of The Office, a watercolor painting, card, and letter. She got my movies and card and flowers. I actually gave her the flowers when I picked her up.

It was a fantastic day!

Miles and Bryce,

Thought you guys might be interested if you haven’t already seen this.

The artists who got laid off are putting up artwork and renderings of the game on their blogs as they look for new jobs.

So yeah, Finals week starts on Monday.  I already have handed in one final project and have taken one test in Marketing.  I have a project a day for the next three days (M, T, and W).  I was up until 3 this morning working on one of those projects.  We are making a book based on a concept map about the Gestalt Principles of Design.  Fun stuff.

I have project due for Color and Form which we have a poster to hand in, a big sheet of fabric to hand in, and a t-shirt that I dyed and screen printed on.

In photography we needed to have a project that was a series.  Our pictures had to be a series of work that had a specific relation to each other.  Pretty easy, only problem is I haven’t started it yet and I have to print it out Monday afternoon.  I don’t think it’s going to be overlly hard. I’m not exactly sure what I am doing, something with people, nature, and photoshop.

On Monday the book that I was talking about earlier is due.

I can’t wait until those three days are done.  Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll be working at a show selling countertops for Minneapolis Granite.  That is always pretty fun hanging out with either Katie Brass, Joe Peters, or Dad.  A lot of good talks.  Sometimes it is really boring, but overall I like it.

David is sleepy. He is going to bed.