So I saw the movie on Wednesday and overall it was good.  Nothing really bad about it.

Things I liked:

Funny, I laughed a lot.  I like laughing.

The girl who touched the necklace. That scene was creepily beautiful.

Overall, the move was decent.

Things I didn’t like:

The main focus of the movie, other than the memory, was based on relationships.

Skipped the final battle in hogwarts – anticlimatic

No focus on the half-blood prince.  Snape declares himself the half-blood prince. Based on what they showed in the movie, who cares.

Time to roast.  There is a lot I am frustrated about.

My major beef was the skipped battle scene.  How do you have a major motion picture and skip the big climactic ending?  Bryce said it was to keep the PG rating and I agree with him.  I feel like it goes hand in hand with the focus on the relationships.  Watching the movie I felt like I was supposed to be a junior high girl.  They kept it cute, funny, and mostly innocent which I think is too bad for anyone who has read the books and isn’t in junior high anymore.

Why did they choose to focus on the relationships anyways?  They are basically pointless as far as importance in the book is concerned.  I’d  say much more important is learning voldemort’s history which I think would have been really helpful for an audience in order to understand and/or connect with the antagonist of the whole series. Instead he is still a mystery and the audience will never know why he is the way he is.  Also, why name the movie “…the Half Blood Prince” if they are hardly going to mention it at all. It is barely in the movie.  At the end of the movie Houa asked me “what’s the half-blood prince means and why is snape called that?”  That’s not a good sign.

Halfway through the movie I realized I was bored because the movie wasn’t going anywhere.  Every scene that didn’t have harry alone with dumbledore or slugworm(sp?) was about some junior high awkwardness.  Funny, but not very exciting and when that is all the movie is focusing on it leads to a pretty monotinous movie.

Then when it does get to the end they cut out the only exciting point of the movie other than when they figure out the memory.  When the cupboard they showed Malfoy working on about 6 times during the movie actually is used, it is for no reason other than breaking the windows in the hall and blowing up hagrid’s hut.  Thank goodness Malfoy figured out how to use the cupboard *sarcasim*.lol  The problem is the movie really has no high point and when it finally gets to the end battle, they skipped it totally, making the entire movie without a high point.  That killed the movie for me.  Why’d we have to wait an extra 9 months for a movie with no major action scene?  Dumbledore in the cave was cool, but that lasted about 30 seconds.

So, to recap.  Very little to no backstory of Voldemort or Snape.  Very little Half Blood Prince explanation. No fight at the end.  Found out Ginny and Harry like each other and so do Ron and Hermione even though they have basically shown us that in every other movie.  The great hall needs new windows.  Hagrid needs a new hut.  Dumbledore still needs a funeral.

That all being said, the movie with the angle they took wasn’t bad. It was pretty enjoyable for the most part.  I can’t say for sure what I wanted would be better because I can’t remember the books exactly. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.  i”m disappointed with the angle they took and that they got rid of big fight in the school. I still don’t know how you can get rid of that in such a big motion picture.  It’s like Lord of the Ring’s The Two Towers sidestepping Helms Deep.  I know, I know.  A little extreme, but still. That is what it feels like.

Overall, not a bad movie but there is nothing in it that makes it worth watching it again.