August 2009

So two nights ago something bad happened.  Something kinda bad, but not totally. 

I was walking to my car.  It was early morning, around 8 o’clock.  Everything was wet from the storm the night before and it still looked bleary out.  At the first site of my vehicle I knew something was wrong.  My running shoes were lying on the floor as well as my running shorts along with a bunch of junk.  They were completely soaked as if they had been out all night.  Around all of my things were a thousand pieces of glittering greenish bits that could only be the remains of what had been my car window.  My car had been broken into. 

Naturally, my first impulse was neither fear nor anger, nor sadness.  It was one of acceptance. I thought to myself, “Oh, ok.”  and then “And that happened!” (which is from a clip of John Mayer – worthless singer – calling a baseball game which is really funny). 

I got to my vehicle, saw that my backpack which had contained my shoes and shorts was gone, and decided that was okay.  It could have been worse.  The probable reason for the break-in was because Houa had two crummy purses back there she was going to get rid of but hadn’t yet.  It’s kind of weird though because the thief, I’ll call him Aladdin, didn’t take the purses.  They were obviously empty so if that was his target he must have forgotten them in the excitement of seeing my extremely boring and worthless backpack.

No, I know Aladdin was hoping their would be something in the purses.  It is kind of funny though because for about a week I had four garbage bags of Houa’s stuff in my car.  One full of purses, two full of nice clothes, and one full of nice shoes.  What is even funnier we got rid of those bags the same day as the break in.  Aladdin breaks into my car because of two purses when we had about 20 of them in there earlier. 

Because of that, I feel like I won.  Aladdin doesn’t know what he Sucker!

Aladdin didn’t even take my ipod. 

After I examined my car, called the police who had me fill out a report online, and talk to my dad, I got annoyed for the first time.  I had to stop and buy duck tape because Houa didn’t have any, the  keeper of  keys at her apartment didn’t have any, and I didn’t have any.  I just didn’t feel like parking my car and running into a building to buy something. It seemed like so much work.

In the end though it was pretty easy.  I bought the duck tape, picked out some nice thick plastic from Home Depot, and I had my girlfriend patch up the hole while I watched the Vikings game.  She did an amazing job. It’s almost like having a window again because I can’t hear the wind at all when I drive.  I’m terrible at that hands on stuff…especially when the Vikings are playing! 😉

Then the next day, actually like an hour ago, we drove the car back to her apartment and there was a homeless guy digging through the dumpster behind her apartment.  I’ve never seen that in the real world.

This weekend was one of mucho traveling.  Traveling to Miles’s and Holli’s.  Traveling to Me-he-co.

First things first though.  I actually bought clothes.  I went to a store, picked out new clothes, and laid the plastic down.  I don’t go clothes shopping, i don’t care for clothes shopping, and I feel like clothes shopping is a waste of my money.  I have finally gotten to the point thought where I need new clothes.  My jeans are either ripping or disappearing, one of my running shorts broke, and as I somehow become a smidgeon more mature, my khaki cargo pants just don’t quite cut it all the time.  So, Houa and i went to Kohls where the sales were huge.  Everything was about 50% off.  I got two pairs of jeans, two pairs of running shorts, a nice pair of khaki colored slacks, and a nice plain shirt that can go with my new dress pants.  After this, the trip began.

Houa and I went to Miles’s and Holli’s for the game night.  When we got there we got a tour and the house is really nice!  A nice backyard, the basement is very comfy, and the house has a nice feel to it.  And it is all cheaper than any apartment I will be renting here in the cities. 🙁

After the tour we ordered some pizza, got started on our sugar rushes with some pop downage, and then waited the arrival of Mike and Sanya, the former bossman of Miles back in the day.  I had actually met Mike a couple years ago.  We played a game, Pop 5 – i’m guessing, which is based off of Cranium. I liked it way better than Cranium.  I’m not very good at those types of games but thanks to Holli she was able to guess the answers to most of my crappy

After that we started playing Mexican Train.  Big Brenna showed up on her way back from Chamberlain.  It was a battle to see who wasn’t going to get last.  Mike basically had the game won from the getgo.  But last place was close.  I did not get last.

Then it was bedtime.  Got up in the morning, went to mass at 9:30, ate some delicious brunch prepared by Holli, and then watched Brenna’s slideshow of her and Chris’s honey-moon vacation.  I decided I want a geo-thermal, all natural hot tub in my backyard.   They have that in Iceland.  Wicked awesome!  I would work there if I lived in Iceland.

We ended up getting home around 6.  It was a great weekend full of laughs and then more laughs.  Thanks Miles and Holli!