So I have been thinking about posting for months and just haven’t done it. Now I am going to do it quickly before class because I am thinking about it.  I have 3 minutes.

One thing that happened recently is Houa went through the Rite of Welcoming at Nativity Catholic Church this past Sunday. She is the only one getting baptized out of the group so she and I had to stand in front of the congregation all by herself.  I went up as moral  We have now completed two months of the RCIA program and so far so good. I really enjoy it. We have gotten past the whole “this is humans believe there is a god” into this is what the Catholics practice.  Its a bit more interesting.

2nd thing: The big boxing match between Pac-Man and Cotto is this Saturday. I am super pumped and am partly not going home or to Houa’s mom’s this weekend so I can stay and watch the fight. Mainly it is because of homework, but this is part of it as well. It is going to be awesome!

Alright- 30 seconds left…

Hope all is well with everyone.  Hope the pregnancy is going well Holli. I’ve heard it isn’t the best time in a persons life but I hope you are making it through alright. Oops! I am now one minute over but class hasn’t started yet.

I am doing a project repackaging a beverage. My beverage is called Eternal Enery and the theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas.  It is pretty sweet. It is vector art, except I did it in Photoshop so it isn’t really vector art, but it is that style.  Why did I do it in Photoshop?  Because I can.  But why? Because.

It looks kind of Disney-ish but still should come out alright.  Class is starting!

Game Over