On Saturday Houa was baptized, confirmed and received her first communion.  She has been going through the RCIA process since September and this weekend it all came to fruition. My family, except for Dan, came down as well as Sue and Grandma to celebrate this special event. After mass we went back to my apartment, which the family helped clean up the night before, where we had cake, pop, candy and swapped old war stories about Nam.  Sunday morning around nine I drove to the hotel and sat in the hot tub for an hour or more with dad and Tom. Then everybody went to Old Country Buffet where we pigged out.  We had pretty nice weather all weekend which was nice since I had heard earlier in the week it was supposed to rain. Luckily, we still suck at predicting the weather.  Houa and I later went to Lake Calhoun where we went for a walk and looked at all the nice houses and dreamed about winning the lottery and buying those houses. All of them.  Actually, not really. Just one or two. But its a dream so yes, all of them.

I realized that Lent was pretty easy this year. I gave up pop and candy and normally the pop just kills me. This year I found that it really didn’t have an effect on me. I never really ever craved it. I believe it is because I have been buying apple juice for a while and I’d take apple juice over pop most days. Now that I can drink pop I realize how amazing it really is.

Duke won tonight. Boo! I like Mike Czhceifesky but I don’t like Duke. Never have, never will. Burn baby burn!

Game Over!