Last night around 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon I got a cell phone call. It was Karin Anderson, or Karin as i call her.

David,”Sup dawg?”
Karin, “You are so weird.”
David,”Cuz I’m white? Whatever!”
Karin,”Let’s watch Star Wars and eat stuff!”
David,”Your weird but that sounds like a good idea.”

That started what would become a night of total awsomeness.

Well, people started coming to my house from all over the galaxy kind of like Field of Dreams. Actually, it was exactly like Field of Dreams. Only I was smart enough to call up my buddy Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick everybody not my friends in the face. They all went home with matching bootmarks on their faces leaving me and my friends alone.

Well, Chris Fellows and Tyler Rolfes showed up first. We started reminiscing about the days of old and then we remembered how one day we made an Ortonville Punk’d video. We found the video and watched. Hilarity insued. The victims punk’d and scarred for life by this event were Chris Smith, Kelsey Watkins, and Karin Anderson.

Then, when Kelsey and Karin arrived we watched Episode IV. This means 4, Molly. Afterwards we ordered a pizza and then waited about 20 minutes for it to be done. During this time Steph became the center of attention. That’s always fun. Oh yeah, Chris Smith was there by then.

Well, Tyler and I went on a quest to get the pizza. This was the toughest ride to Ortonville EVER! All of Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kicked victims were angry and wanting a piece of us. Fortunetly for us, it was foggy out and everbody kicked by my buddy Chuck had become mentally challenged. At Pizza Ranch we found an ally in Megan Croatt who was able to get our pizzas quickly. We talked to her, made her day, and left. The trip home flew by and just like that in nothin flat we were back.

I walked into the house to find everyone downstairs watching Episode V. That means 5 molly. The movie went pretty badly. It never changes, C-3PO gets shot to pieces, people are tortued, Han gets encased in Carbonite, Luke doesn’t seem to understand anything Yoda says, Yoda gets depressed and sad, and then Vader cuts off Luke’s hand. Nobody is happy. Except for Vader I guess. I’m happy for him.

After the end of that movie everybody hung around for a while. We talked, shot hoops with my Little Tykes hoop, and then I figured I might as well put in my wrestling movie from the 2nd grade just for something to watch. Well, needless to say, I think the guys kind of liked it cuz I dominated and even appeared to have injured a kid, and the girls couldn’t get enough of it because, hey, it’s me in tights. Kelsey and Karin, you really need to get your mind out of the gutters. I mean, I was really young.

Then after sitting around and realizing it wasn’t even 10:30 yet I asked people what they wanted to do. Fellows left, and Karin said she’d watch the Return of the Jedi, and Kelsey and Chris were both tired but decided to stay for a while and watch. Well, they left partway through so our party of 6 was a party of 2. It should be noted that Tyler left for college as soon as we returned from with the pizza.

Episode VI turned out to be really really good like it always does. The Ewoks were a huge hit. This is a fairly happy movie. Chewbacca meets his long lost, shorter kin, Han realizes that Leia truly is his princess, Luke gets to cut off his father’s hand in retaliation to Episode V, Vader finally finds himself by killing some Emperor dude, and some Chinese guy made the film. Way to go you Chinese guy! Karin really enjoyed this one. Molly, VI means 6. I think Return of the Jedi was the Karins favorite out of the 6, but I don’t know for sure. Just for the record, 6 is one of my favorites.

Karin said she thought they were pretty good overall and she was glad that she had seen them. I’m glad she liked them because I think, for most people, unless you’ve grown up with Star Wars, its just kind of a weird movie that people don’t really get into. For those who grow up with it it’s kind of on a shelf all by itself or only accompanied by the truly great movies of all time. Such as Zoolander. No, maybe not. Magnum is a pretty wicked awsome look though.

Well, that was the last thing of vacation for me. It was freakin sweet and thanks you to all who were a part of it.
Peace Out Dawgs!