So, having a real life, meaning not being in school…is pretty awesome.  Granted, working takes up most of the day which sucks and before I know it it is time for bed which sucks as well.  However, awesomeness is always around the corner because whenever I think of how sucky that work and bedtime is, I remember NO HOMEWORK!  Immediately my blues turn into reds and David is happy.  With no homework means I can do whatever I want after work.  Even though it seems like I eat supper, it is 9 o’clock already, I can always get in a good movie.  I think even better is on the weekends when I have nothing to do except what David Rausch most truly desires at that point in time.

Two weekends ago Houa and I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop which was funny but a so-so movies. I like Kevin James which helped. We then watched New in Town with Renea Zellwiger which was good.  Very typical stereotypical represnetation of Minnesotans with the weird accents and lots of scrapbooking  Kinda insulting almost but kind of funny.  We also watch Bride Wars (I only saw the end) and It’s Hard to Find a Good Guy which I did not like and neither did Houa.  The next day I watched Rocky II and III and then on Sunday I watched Rocky IV.  It was awesome!!!

Then this past weekend I watch 3:10 to Yuma which was decent. I really like Christian Bale and Russel Crowe. Pretty unbelievable but still satisfaying .  Tonight I buypassed watching The Transformers. I really really wanted to but I opted to watch the Twins blow a lead late in the game.  Two nights ago Houa and I watch The Proposal which was really funny.  Houa loved it and I laughed quite a bit.  I  like Sandra Bullocks humor and Ryan Reynolds is a pretty funny dude so overall pretty funny.  Get to see a whole lot of naked Sandra Bullock.  A lot more naked than anyone needs to see her so I probalby won’t watch it again which is too bad because it was good.

Going to Transformers 2 tomorrow.  Watching Signs tonight and going to try to watch The Others in the near future.

So, if you have  a full time job and it sucks having a full time job, just remember you have no homework and you’ve forgotten how much that sucks when you really have no control over life if you want to do well in school.  Movies are awesome!

Game Over

I watched the end of Bride Wars and then I watched It’s Hard