Summer is over.  Life is over.  Boo hoo.

School began last Tuesday and won’t end unless the Swine Flu becomes extremely fatal.  However, since that is very unlikely, I will be stuck here being taught things.

I have four design oriented classes this year:  Graphic Design II (GDII),  GDIII, Computer Applications II, and Travels in Typography.  These classes I think will be both fun and challenging.  I will be dealing a lot with marketing, branding, and packaging design in GDII and GDIII.  In Computer Apps II we will be focusing on Photoshop and Flash which I think will be a lot of fun.  I’ve heard that the class is really time consuming because the teacher expects you to do a ton of different mock ups for each project. Eck!

Travels in Typography is interesting.  It is once a week and deals with ancient books and the origins of writing.  We meet in a library where we will be looking at, holding, and reading books from the 1400’s and on.  In last class we got to look at a book from the 400’s.  It is cool that we have those books at school here.  I don’t think I’m going to like the class though because it is a lot of hands on projects which I do not like at all.

I then have a Business Accounting which is for internal business use. My last class is a careers class that will help me with my coverletter, resume, and finding a job.  Very useful.

Then I will be working about 24 hours a week.

Two of my classes are just once a week which is really nice.  It keeps it manageable.  I am living with Tyler this year in an apartment.  It is a sweet little bachelor pad.  It is a little ways away from Minneapolis campus but pretty close to the St. Paul campus.  We live right on a bus line which will make it easy to get home.  Maybe when people come up here for Katie’s wedding or Bryce’s marathon you can check out the digs!