So last night I get home and I need food. I walk across the street to the grocery store, get a shopping cart, and start grabbing food off the shelf.  The deal of the night was Tony’s Pizzas for 2 dollars a piece!  Tony’s is probably my all time favorite pizza and it only cost 2 dollars! So I bought two.  Normally when I go to the grocery store I get 3 party pizza’s and then buy one tony’s pizza to treat myself for that night.  Last night, I just flat out went a little crazy and bought 2!

So I get home, make my beloved Tony’s pizza and ate the whole thing with a glass of milk.  It was the best.  Then an hour later I was thirsty so I got out a glass, put in a few ice cubes, and had a delicious cherry coke.  Then Tyler and Aaron Zerhinger were going to Legends to watch the last quarter of the football game so I came along.

This is when the second best deal of the night was.  Two cheeseburgers for $2!!  Who does that!? Two for two!?  It’s crazy!!  I was already stuffed from my pizza and two beverages, but I couldn’t resist.  I bought two cheeseburgers for $2.  I only could finish one. 🙁  I also got a very large sprite and I couldn’t finish that either. 🙁   It was all delicious though!

When I woke up this morning I realized that I still felt full like I had just eaten.  It makes me wonder if that is what bears feel like when they hibernate…always being full.  It is pretty sweet.

It also makes me think of how some Americans are so wasteful and consume so much and how last night, it was totally worth it. I love being an American!