So today Tyler, Tony, and I watched Avatar at the zoo in their huge 3d Imax theater.   That movie was awesome!! I am going to go watch it again.  I think regardless of 3d or not, it was a beautiful movie to watch and it was interesting as well. I liked the characters, I liked how this story was actually an original idea for once, graphics are astounding, and the I liked the love relationship (I’m a big ‘ol softy).  Definitely worth checking out and if you were ever gonna spend the big bucks on a movie, I’d say this is probably it.  I remember after watching for about an hour I thought, “I hope this is a really long movie”.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought that before during a movie.  The world Cameron creates seems so real and so awesome that I couldn’t wait for the main character to get into his avatar and go back into the other world.

Now, for the downside of the day… I have a final project due in 7 hours exactly (it is 3:30 AM right now). The project is a Flash project. I have spent probably close to 15-20 hours working on it this weekend.  I just got done about 15 minutes ago. About 15 minutes ago my entire project got erased.  Talk about bad timing.

I’m not sure what happened. I was working on it for a while and then I tried to save and it told me I couldn’t save it because  a duplicate was open and I’ll have to exit out and try again. That would suck because it had been 30 minutes to an hour since I had last saved.  I tried to save it in a bunch of different folders under different names and nothing worked. Well, it wouldnt’ be that bad because it is only about hour to make up and it should be quicker right?  Wrong!

With my file still open but unsavable, I looked at my desktop to see if it was there. It wasn’t. Uh oh.  I then went into my Flash drive which was plugged into my computer because I knew it was there. But it wasn’t.  All the .swf files were there, but all my Flash files with all my code were gone.  Something had erased them all!  And what sucks is I had the program open the entire time but the computer wouldn’t let me save it.  I tried a search, the search found the files, but when I clicked on it to open them, it said they couldn’t be found.  Now my computer is lying to me.  What a terrible electronic companion.

So I pretty much have 6 hours to make this thing, then make it to class. I probably can do it, but I’m really tired, I’ve already struggeled through making it once, and it would probably be a  crappy job.  I almost wouldn’t mind not doing it and just showing the teacher my .swf files, but this teacher isnt’ normal.  She counts things off for the tiniest little thing. She is super nice, but she does not deviate at all from her rules. Example: We had to hand in a cd for class one day. It said on the assignment it was due by 8:30 am which is when class starts.  During class sometime I walked over to her desk and handed her my disk. No big deal.  Got grades back and I got docked for that cd because she noted I handed it in at 9:30, not 8:30. No sane person would give a crap about that cd. It wasn’t a project or anythign like that, just an accumulation of our practice files. Yet I got docked.  She is a super nice lady who doesn’t deviate from her standards at all. So if I don’t do this I could get a lot docked off but I don’t really care as long as I’m not going to fail the class.  So decisions, decisions.

I was done too. 🙁