So far I haven’t been overly impressed with Lost this season. I’ve found myself saying after most of the episodes, “It was ok”, with a ho-hum attitude. Not great, just ok.

I feel like either the episode is really good or really boring. I think there are two main reasons for this:

1. Sawyer needs to quit crying.  What a baby! For the last five seasons he has been one of my favorite characters because of his sarcastic nature and the guy who is a total jerk but you know is actually a good guy. Now all he is a depressed whiner.  Awww! Juliet died! WAAA!  Cry your eyes out, then grow up! I realize she was basically your wife last year, but people have been getting killed throughout all of LOST. It is not a new phenomonon. I just dont’ think the writers should change one of my favorite characters in the very last season. He has now become boring and pathetic. Boo!

2. Claire:  For me to even care about Claire, they need to explain some things and until so she is dead to me. So she’s been living in the forest for the past how many seasons? Claire? Right. That makes perfect sense. And NOBODY has been able to find here even though they have been all over the island.  She just disappeared and became the new Cruso or whatever her name is.  I realize there is more to it than that, but until they give me an explanation, I don’t care to even wonder. Apparently she became infected. How? Has she always just been chillin with the smoke monster? Is she somehow a product of hitting the nuclear bomb? I just don’t like the fact they pulled her out of LOST suddenly, now she’s back and they haven’t explained anything. Yeah, whatever.

3. Kate is pretty dumb. I find the fact she came back to the island to find Claire a really stupid excuse. So far she seems different from past seasons and basically worthless.

So I don’t know. I feel like this season has not been very good. I feel like the story is OK so far, but the characters’ behavior have been awkward and not believable for me. Some episodes have been really good, others have been just kind of filler episodes. I don’t know. I feel like the writers so far have dropped the ball as far as the characters are concerned, but I think the overall direction of the story is still good.

What do you guys think?