You know my other post?  The one below this one?  Well, it wasn’t so much a rapid river of death as it was a splash party of fun.

  The first time the Rausch’s were basically together was in this tiny church.  It was awkward having the priest being 2 feet from your face.  I felt like i was in a center for ants.  After that everybody went up to my great aunt Jane’s and great uncle Herman’s house to eat and congregate.  We played a little frisbee and I got to know a few of my cousins that i’ve never really talked to or hung out with before.

It’s kind of weird because for one of those cousins our first real conversation was about hooker names, womens periods, and the adventure of a sperm to the egg.  It’s not entirely my fault we got on those subjects, I swear.  I had some pretty good, nasty jokes though which i’m sure didn’t help make a great first impression.

That night the high school / college / cool cousins went to cousin Tim and his wife Molly’s house and hung out, or about 9 of us played a winking card game.  You select a card, if a jack, you wink at someone else playing without anyone seeing you.  If you have a king, look for the winker.  It is a lot harder than you think.  By the end of the game I was known as “the sneeky one.”  I tried to pull off a big ol’ Bryce wink, but i got caught. 

  The next day I stayed mostly in my room listening to music and reading a book.  There weren’t enough tee times to go around for the practice round, but that was alright with me.  In my brief history i’ve found that I do better golfing a course for the first time than doing a practice round a day before the real thing.  The book i’m reading is Black Hawk Down which is insanely good.

  That night there was a picnic where we had a gargatuan game of ultimate frisbee.  Bryce took his shirt off immediatly to show us all that he was the Alpha Male of the group.

Next day the big Rausch Classic Golf Tourney started and I shot a 99.  I played decent, but not well.  Really struggle driving and putting right away.  Started off the back nine with a 10 on a par 4 which screwed my entire round up.  The last few holes I really kind of got into a groove but too little too late.  I had a lot of fun though.

  That night we had ultimate peanuts where there were 16 of us at cousin Tim and his wife Molly’s house playing on his floor.  It was insane in the membrane.  Dan came from behind to win of course.  Jenny pulled off 2nd, beating me by 3 points. It was a blast.

This was prolly the funnest family reunion to date for me.  Felt pretty comfortable around everybody for the first time and things just seemed to go pretty smoothly. 

Oh yeah, have you been to the Wall, cuz I have!