Do not continue reading if you don’t want to run into spoilers. This section of my website is for LOST thought and scholarship, and it presumes that you’re well acquainted with the series and its episodes.

Alternate Realities

For the sake of clarity, I’ll be using Reality1 and Reality2 for discussions of Season 6. Reality1 is a continuation of the storyline from the previous five seasons. This is the “bomb didn’t work” timeline. Reality2 is the alternate reality that starts in Season 6 and seems to be the “bomb did work” timeline.

The LOST YouTube Banner

On February 2nd, 2010, YouTube unveiled a special Flash banner promoting the new season of LOST. The banner features a line-up of the characters, apparently the same that is being used as part of the overall Season 6 marketing campaign. Eight individuals had “+” marks besides them, allowing users to mouse over that character to get a treat.

  • Frank
    • The feet and part of the legs of the statue come into view, interesting because he would only know the statue in its damaged form, including only the right foot.
    • Frank’s voice is heard saying, “I’m seeing it, but I’m still not believing it.” There is white noise (perhaps ocean) in the background and a faint musical note.
      • At first look, he could be referring to John Locke. Frank made a point of mentioning (complaining) about what he was shown in the box, namely the body of John Locke. Certainly, he’d take some convincing that John Lock is, indeed, walking around. If we pick up from where Frank and Locke are at the end of Season 6, Frank is on the beach with the Others and Order of the Statue people, and Fake John Locke (Flocke) is in the foot of the statue, killing Jacob with Ben. The setup for this line, then, would be when Flocke comes out of the foot and addresses the group. Frank, with his new knowledge of John’s death, would look upon him in wonder and utter the line above. HOWEVER, I don’t think that’ll happen. The mood on the beach, after the Order showcases John Locke’s body to Richard, is one of confusion and fear and almost panic. Richard would, at once, worry that Jacob is in harm’s way. Perhaps they would all rush to the foot to aid Jacob against Flocke. Frank’s perfect moment for uttering his line is gone.
      • The other clue is the intact feet and legs of the statue. Frank could be talking about that, directly or indirectly. He would only know the statue as broken and partial. If (by some method) he ended up back in time, he would have occasion to see the completed statue. How he would get there (and to such a serene moment) is beyond me, but it’s another theory.
    • Also highlighted (with his back to us) is John Locke.
    • REVEALED (Reality1): Frank utters this line after seeing John Locke leave the Statue. The fervor has died down considerably after John, as Smokey, subdues a number of Orders.
  • Kate
    • A voice (probably Kate’s) is heard saying, “They’re protecting us… I think…” in an uncertain (scared?) tone of voice
      • There is some white noise and some mechanical sounds. There also might be a heart beat or double “thump” or some sort.
      • I’m not convinced it’s Kate’s voice, but it’s close.
    • Claire is also shown
    • REVEALED (Reality1): Kate actually says this to Sawyer who, injured and laying down in the Temple, wakes up. She soothes him with this line, referring to the Others who inhabit the Temple.
  • Jack
    • Jack’s voice is heard saying, “Do what you have to do.”
      • Water is clearly heard in the background.
      • Jack sounds earnest.
    • REVEALED (Reality1): Jack answers with this when told there could are risks to curing Sayid’s injuries.
    • Sawyer
      • Sawyer’s voice is heard saying, “Welcome aboard.”
        • There is charm in his voice, and he sounds pleasant.
        • The sound is very clear, suggesting indoors.
      • An elevator is shown, whose doors open with a *ding* after Sawyer’s line.
      • Kate is also shown
      • REVEALED (Reality2): Sawyer says this to Kate as he holds the door to the elevator, allowing her to get on.
    • Sayid
      • A voice is heard saying, “Who are you?”
        • I do not think it’s Sayid’s voice. It sounds closer to Mr. Friendly’s, of those we know.
      • Some Asian-language characters slide across the screen behind Sayid. I think they’re Japanese, but I’m not positive. I don’t know what they say, yet.
      • REVEALED (Reality1): This is spoken by an as-yet unnamed Other spoken as a translation of an Asian decent (Japanese?) Other who seems to hold a position of authority and power.
    • Claire
      • Kate’s voice is heard saying, “I said go!”
        • Kate sounds out of breath and panicked.
      • The orientation is the same as Kate’s rollover, with Kate in the foreground and Claire in the background
      • REVEALED (Reality2): Kate, gun drawn, threatens a cabbie, with Claire as the unwitting passenger.
    • Hurley
      • A voice (either not Hurley’s, or Hurley’s with the pitch lowered) is heard saying, “I’m the luckiest guy alive.”
      • A Mr. Cluck’s logo sits to the left of Hurley’s head
        • Clicking on it reveals the commercial unveiled at ComiCon
      • Some of the numbers swirl around Hurley
        • The only numbers they show are: 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
      • There is also a link to download a PDF which has a “scan” of Hurley’s winning lottery ticket
      • REVEALED (Reality2): Hurley tells a (possibly scheming) Sawyer this about his lottery winning and restaurant-owning.
    • Charlie
      • A voice (possibly Charlie’s) is heard saying, “Where are we?”
        • The voice is harsh and low.
        • No non-American accent can be determined.
        • There is moving white noise in the background, perhaps like a waterfall
      • REVEALED (Reality1): Jack asks this when Kate wakes him up immediately after the explosion.


      Following is a list of LOST predictions that I’ve come up with. I’m trying to post this before the Season 6 premiere. Theories will have the date of edition next to them (a flimsy attempt at “proof”).

      Rose and Bernard are Adam and Eve from the Caves (2010-02-02 8:36:14AM)

      Richard (Ricardos) Alpert came to the Island as a passenger on the Black Rock (2010-02-02 1:13:14PM)

      As Jacob and The Man in Black sit on the beach (in The Incident, Part I) discussing matters of the Island, their conversation leads us to believe that certain events take place upon the Island in a cyclical (if not, outright recursive) fashion. They watch a ship during their intercourse, a ship that many presume to be the Black Rock. This suggests that perhaps the survivors of the Black Rock’s collision with the Island went through similar difficulties to those of our heros. However, what if the passengers were similar as well? What if our castaways have been to the Island before but as passengers on the Black Rock instead? What if this had happened before then, even? And every time, the survivors end up at some endgame where everyone dies. Then it starts over, everything up to that point having been “progress”. (2010-02-02 1:13:14PM)

      The concept of light rocks versus dark rocks is a prevalent one. The show seems to reveal them in pairs: John Locke’s backgammon pieces, the rocks with Adam and Eve, and the rocks in the scale in the Candidate Cave. We know that our Island has a giant black rock, in the form of a slave ship called the Black Rock. Then where is the White Rock? It might be a slave ship, too, or simply another large transport vehicle. Maybe it’s 815? Maybe it’s on another island (in another reality). (2-22-2010)

      (Wildcard) The Nemesis is Jacob’s son. (2-22-2010)

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