(2010) Best of Last Year

This mixlist, (2010) Best of Last Year, which you can listen to on Spotify, is comprised of the best songs that I’ve come across in the year of 2010.

This year was horrifyingly devoid of new music. As such, this list if longer than it should be, with some songs getting artificially inflated ratings to make the “Best of…” list requirements (the songs must be 5 stars).

  • La Llorona – Beirut
  • Rollin’ and Tumblin’ – Jeff Beck
  • IG-88’s ’57 CHEVY – MC Chris
  • Billie Jean – Chris Cornell
  • At Least It Was Here (“Community” Main Title) [Full Length Version] – The 88
  • Hero – Childish Gambino
  • Forever Young – Bob Dylan
  • Slink (A Hymn) – Locksley
  • Down By The Water – The Decemberists
  • Gunfight Epiphany (Theme from Terriers) – Robert Duncan
  • Difference – Childish Gambino
  • Report on Planet’s Drinking Water – PDF Format
  • My Night With the Prostitute from Marseille – Beirut
  • All Along the Watchtower – Bear McCreary
  • School Rumble Second Ending – School Rumble

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