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Roman Numerals

27. December 2005 | Kategorie Uncategorized

I am in great confusion. I thought I knew how to read Roman Numerals but after Christmas Eve my once sure self has now been shattered.

It all started on Christmas Eve. My aunt Sue always does a treasure hunt that the nieces and nephews must figure out in order to find their present. Well this year we had to find an envelope with our name on it and then we have to decode the hint she has and the presents have a number and whatever number the hint has on it that is what number present we have.

I am not a very good looker and I was having a hard time finding my envelope. Well Sue was helping me look for it also, turns out David thought he was being funny and rehid my hint. I thought it was pretty bad that Sue couldn’t even find her own hidden object. The rules for the hiding were that the envelopes weren’t in anything so they were supposed to be easy, well David hide it in somthing so it made it really hard.

Well she must have put extra sticky stuff on my envelope because it was really hard to open so I ended up totally destroying it. I didn’t know that the hardest part was yet to come. The Decoding. My hint was an eye ball and a V. I’m like “what the….I…V….I….V.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN! Well then I started thinking a little harder and I’m like “well my sister had an IV in her this summer. It must have been like July.” Well July is the 7th month of the year so i thought my gift was number 7, but it was under the tree anymore. I knew at that moment that it wasn’t right.

Luckily my Grandma was there to help. Turns out the my hint was IV the Roman Numeral. How was i supposed to figure that out. I mean come on? Do I look Roman? Don’t think so. Well ever since that moment everyone is making fun of me. Sue, Miles, Bryce, Grandma, and now David. If you go to his blog and read the Star Wars blog you’ll see what I mean.

I better start brushing up on my Roman Numerals so I’m prepared for the next treasure hunt.

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