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Oh my goodness!

28. January 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

I am in utter shock. Ortonville beat Milbank! I think the world is coming to an end. But before Chris and David celebrate too much I would like them to note that Ortonville and Milbank are even now. We have both lost and won to each other this year….dead even. No if, ands, or buts about it. The end. Game over on this conversation.

My other oh my goodness news. It has now become a tradition at away games for me, Molly, to steal posters from the school. This started at the Webster game and continued with the Deul game. I have them both hanging up in my locker. I would like to give credit to my brother, Bryce, for teaching me the art of stealing. All my friends have now got dibs on the next schools. It’s great. hehe.

Also, more and more students are picking up on the “Rhino” nickname. All the girls know the sign, and more and more people are cheering for the “Rhino” at games. In class a boy asked if he could switch papers the the Rhinoceros. Well I would never turn down a fan. Today at the game a girl and I were going for a lose ball and we hit an both went flying and i rolled and rolled and as I was getting up I hear someone from the crowd cheer for the “Rhino”. I personally…. am touched *tear*. Thank you.

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The big game, sort of

8. January 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As some of you, not all of you, may know I play basketball. Not very well but I try. I play on ‘B’ squad, which is better than ‘C’ squad but worse than ‘A’ squad. I’m the person that sits on the bench a little while the stars on the team play. The coach has the next best people sit by him on the bench and guess what? I’m there sitting by him. YES!!! Well Yesterdays game was played against Sisseton. The varsity, or ‘A’ squad, haven’t beaten them in four years and they were out for some revenge.

Well, the freshman started off the night with a huge blow out. Then it was my game. My family had all showed up (except Miles) to cheer on the “Rhino”. Well the ‘B’ squad won, but the “Rhino” didn’t see much action at all. That’s ok, I probable wouldn’t have played very well anyway because of previous events which I wish not to speak about. Anyway, most of the JV girls didn’t see the first part of the game because we were still in the shower and getting ready phases but by the time most of us got out there we were already winning.

Long story shortened, Milbank kicked butt. I mean we had a lead of over 20 in the last quarter. It was I guess a piece of cake breaking the curse this year because we were unstopable. Between our giant Amber, our speed demon Caitlin, our great defence, and our sinking shots we were pretty much the sweetest team ever. And for Sisseton it was Game Over. ( and yes I know thats not a complete sentence.)

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