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Happy Birthday Miles and Dan!

28. February 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

These two never seem to be apart.

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I’m Going to the Olympics.

25. February 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well as all of you should know, if you don’t you really need to get a life, the winter olympics are on this year. I enjoy watching the many events, like snowboarding, skiing, curling, snow ball fights. Out of all of those, my favorite has got to be figure skating. My all time favorite skater, at the moment, has got to be Sasha Cohen. Everytime I watch her skate I feel inspired. It makes me want to hold my foot over my head, or do the splits, or spin really fast and for a long time, and all that great stuff. I want to go to the olympics in figure skating, But my mom got in the way of that dream.

Here is what happened….

I was trying to copy some moves I saw like holding me foot up behind my back and over my head, and holding my foot out really high like i was doing the splits in the air and all my mom would do was laugh. I did not find my training funny, but my mom almost had tears in her eyes. It wasn’t that funny ( it really was you should have been there). I was in a very difficult enviroment. I had no ice to start out with, I was in jeans, with a puppy biting my ankles ( I’ll show you the scars sometimes), not exactly a world champions normal training conditions. Despite all of my problem, I can almost do everything(Not really), or so i thought (I never seem to think right). I know I’m not very flexible, but come on. I am an athlete in training. You’re not suppost to laugh. I can almost do the splits (when I say almost I mean not even close) and I’m as graceful as a…a…um…Rhino errr. (I was really gracful when I was holding on to the table for balance but other then that no balance at all)


Ok so maybe I’m not cut out for figure skating but there is always gymnastics, downhill snowboarding, free style skiing, and snowball fighting. I’ll one day find my true sport and when I do…..I’ll make sure my mom was sad she laughed, and it will be game over for her.

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