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5 day experiment

19. March 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

The latest kick at Milbank High has been fake nails. Now I know what your thinking “yuck fake nails, why would you even want to wear them?” but they are not the fake nails you use to wear in the 5th grade. These are manicured nails that you super glue on. I wasn’t sure whether to follow all of my friends and buy and wear these but then I thought “WWLD”. “That’s it I’m buying them. Lonie would want me to look pretty right?” So I go to Alco with my friends. I made a promise to myself that I would try them for at least 5 days. So here is my journal about the whole thing.

Day 1

I bought the stupid nails. Cost: around $5. I started putting them on as soon as I got home. When I kept on gluing the last nail to my finger i got fed up and ripped the rest off. Not a good idea. Brenna’s face after watching me rip them off: Priceless.

Day 2

My friends called me a fun sucker or something like that all day for not wearing the nails so after debating with myself the whole school day (and paying full attention in every class) I decided to give them one more chance. After school I went home and glued them all on. Oh my God!

Day 3

I can’t function at all with them. They are WAY too long. I keep on scatching myself and I can’t get my locker open, I even got my finger caught in my hair. WTF. Oh Diary, why am I such a cluts? I went home and cut them. Much better, life is pretty good.

Day 4

I take back what I said. My nails are soo sore and they hurt soo bad. One of my nails broke off in Computer Apps. The rest broke off in Bio. (those are my 2nd and 3rd period classes) my friends call me a wimp. They can kiss my……..WWLD…….butt.

For your FYI day 5 never happened.

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