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I choose Friday!

30. June 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Bryce and Miles (I think it was mainly Bryce) where talking about picking certain days to write and Bryce tracked me down and asked what day I wanted and I wanted Friday. I think that’s a really neat idea.

I wanted to write about “How I got engaged” but I’m not engaged. Yet. So instead I guess I’ll talk about the Rausch Reunion coming up this weekend. People are officially supposed to start arriving tomorrow because there is a special mass on Saturday. I think that’s really funny that our family is so huge that we have to have a separate mass. It makes me wonder. Is that discrimination against the Rausch’s? I mean first the special accent that only our family has and now this. If I didn’t know better I would think that people did like us. But that’s crazy talk.

I think on Sunday there is the practice round for golf. There are two parts to the bad news I’m going to tell you: first I’m just going to be arriving in Rapid on Sunday and second I don’t get to golf this time. Tear. I wish I had had more time to go and golf. Brenna even gets to golf and I don’t. That really makes me sad. I mean I understand that she golfed all spring but still. Anyway.

Then on Monday is the big tourny. The huge game. A gargantuan amount of competition. And it only has one name:

T H E   R A U S C H   C L A S S I C

After the golf game and the tourny there is an award ceremony. After that the Reunion is pretty much done. Nothing really important happens after that. Oh, I guess they do decide there where the next one will be so that’s kind of important. But yeah that’s pretty much it. That I guess is the end of the reunion.


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School’s out for summer.

1. June 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

School has been out for a week already and I am soo excited for summer. My June and early July are jammed packed with events, camps, dog shows, and vactions. So let me update you all.

First, I would like to tell you’ll how proud I am of my two big brothers because they graduated from college. Yeah! If I had any spare money I sooo would have bought you guys great gifts. It was even like I was there, too. I mean I watched it on the TV so many times that I almost have your graduations memorized.

Next, track was finished a little before school got out and ufta! I was faster this year but so was every one else, figures. I have been running at least a couple times a week to kinda keep in shape. I want to be ready for Cross country. I’m ready to go and show coach what I got.

Our first dog show with Hogan is tomorrow. I can tell that Mom is really nervous but I’m not. Maybe that’s because I’m not doing anything but looking cute. It shouldn’t be too hard. HAHAHA just kidding. I thought shows got long when we were just watching. I can’t imagine how much longer they’re going to be when I can’t leave in the middle.

I have basketball camp next week and I’m kinda nervous for that. Coach said that they will be watching us and that will kinda help them decide about teams this winter. Good thing I was able to school Bryce today. That kinda made me feel better.

I am pumped and scared at the same time for the trip to France. I’m scared because I’ve never flown before so that is new and different. I am excited because I’ve wanted to go to France since I knew what France was. It just makes me all floaty on the inside. hehe!

The Rausch Reunion! Enough said. This is always a load of fun in its self, so I’m pumped for that. I finally might get to hike Harney Peak. I have always wanted to do that.

My summer is going to be soo fun. Now the only thing that will make it better is if Miles just came home more. 😀 Just Kidding Miles.

Love ya guys.

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