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Happy Birthday to me

23. July 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Im now 17….yippy

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It’s Friday again!

14. July 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well, it took me forever and a day to figure out what I was going to write this weeks post on and then it came to me. It came in the form of a post, in the form of my brother, Bryce’s post.

I am trying to be more involved in my brother’s post because I know how wonderful it is for people to read my post and since I am seeing less and less of all my family I want that closure.

As the years have gone by, Miles has been coming home less and less, which is understandable. He has not graduated form college and is grown independent. He has a great girl who is easily my favorit girlfriend of his. I can see why he doesn’t like leaving his home home.

Bryce spends the whole summer with us but it seems like this one will be the last. I really am going to miss this company because during the school year being hom is so…….quite. I come hom or am sitting at home during the weekend and it just seems like everyone is off doing their own things and its so gloomy around the house.

Now that Brenna is old enough for sports there are a lot of times when it’s just Mom and I. Dad is constantly on the road and he also has the Legislature. He use to be home all winter but now he’s gone about three out of the four seasons.

I think because Mom and I are so much a like it’s hard to get along. When it’s just us at home we can get fed up pretty easily and I think it hurts our relationship. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but it seems like the fighting with everyone in the house has increased. It makes me sad that we just can’t get along and it’s frustrating when you know that you are the problem.

Well I just hope we don’t become one of those families that hardly ever talk and fall apart as the years go by. It just feels that we are spreading out all over the country. I mean who knows where Bryce and Lindsey will end up after Philly. Will Miles stay in SD his whole life? I mean I don’t even know where I will end up. I have to really start looking at college and I have never been to the east coast before. I really was looking into Arcadia University near Philly. They have both the fields I am interested in and they also welcome out of state comissions. Its a beautiful campus and on the east coast.

Then there is Brenna. Just the other day she was talking about maybe wanting to go to a school in California. If Brenna and I do go cross country to the two coast thats already hours to travel to get home. It kinda makes you think you know.

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Today I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean. It was totally cool. I can’t tell if it was as good as the first because they were really different and really similar at the same time. I really can’t wait for the third on to see how they tie everthing together. I was really shocked to see that dude pirate alive at the end. Shocker! Any way, tomorrow I have to work and there is the street dance so I need my sleep. I really am going to try and keep my word for my Friday. I mean I called it and all. Well any way. Storms are coming better close now before the power goes out. MWAHAHAHA!

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