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Cornfest Weekend part 1

25. August 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well as some of you might have known I was part of the cornfest queen contest thing. So this blog entry and the one to follow are for those of you who didn’t make it….I will not name anyone…Bryce and Miles……but there where some members of the family……Bryce and Miles……that couldn’t make it….Bryce and Miles….but I’m not going to name any names….hehehe. Anyway I’ll start from the beginning and end at the end. I think that sounds good.


We started arriving at St. John’s Catholic Church at 4:30. We had to be in interview wear and we were taken to a classroom in the basement that was deep underground. We waited for everyone to show up and once they were all there we had a small meeting. They then started with the youngest group and have them go into the interview one at a time and they went in alphabetical order. I was dead last.

In the interview they were all seated to you. Like you see buisness meeting in movies set up. They all stared at you like we where a piece of meat. You had to introduce yourself and then you sat. They asked you a totally of five questions. They questions and my answers where (they are not word for word):

1. What qualities to you think a queen should posses? The new queen should be comfortable with all people. She should be very friendly and out going. She needs to be a people person.

2. Who do you admire and why? I would have to say I look up to my mother. She has been through so many hard times and also a lot of good ones. Through them all she always keeps her head up high and looks for the good in everything.

3. What do you like most about yourself? I would have to say my personality. I believe that ever thing happens for a reason and to just look for the good. I am friendly and I try and be the nicest person I can. I am also outgoing. (notice i tried to make my personality match that of the queen’s)

4. What environment are you the most confortable in and why? A friendly environment. It just makes you feel at home and more comfortable. (Don’t you agree)

5. umm? I can’t remember this last one. lol!

Then they had us read our essay too them. I asked if I could stand for it and they let me. I only paraphrased a little over then that it was nicely down.

We then were suppost eat and socialize with the people but they ran out of meat so we ate at pizza ranch. After supper, we went to the street dance and just hung around and talked and that was day 1.

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23. August 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Hey don’t worry im working on it. Its coming just don’t get you panties in a bundle. its coming!

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