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Cornfest Weekend part 2

8. October 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized



The next morning, Saturday, we had to be at the booth to pick up our buttons which turned out to be a waste of time because the lady with the buttons wasn’t there.

We then got split up and half went to the waffle feed and the others went to the airport for the pancake feed. We went to both events for about and 1 and a half. We then had a little time on our hands so we went to the softball tourny. I was suppost to be on Chris Smith’s team but I couldn’t because of the contest. So we were the offical cheering section.

We then had to hang out at the park for a couple of hours. We sold the bottons we finally got and then just socialized. We each had to work about a half an hour shift for bingo but other than that our day was pretty much do whatever.

We were dismissed at about four to go and get ready. I wore a long, white, strapless gown which tied up in the back. It was amazazing. We then got there at like 5:30 and waited for the water show to get done.

I had my uncle Mike as my escort because my father was in Chicago. They sumed up our list of achievements and then stood on stage. The judges asked us one last question concerning our essay. We all answered it very well. I started off strong and then couldn’t think of the word refuge so i said “and stuff” instead. Yuck. But I did get some laughter out of the crowd.

We then walked back offstage and they crowned the rest of the little girls, and then it was our turn. We all stood in a line and then waited. Drum rolls could be heard through out the crowd, along with Japanese fireworks (aka picture flashes, Bryce). Kelsey grabed the note and read it over, then grabed the crown and proceded with the silly tradition of musical heads. The winner was…….

not me. lol. My good friend Melissa Grabow was crowned the winner. The youngest of the group stole the judges hearts. But I guess as runner up and can’t be to upset….thats right!!!! Yours truly got runner up, if they wouldn’t have changed the rules i would have had a crown, but they changed it and now I’m crownless.

Anyone know where the snow queen applications are?

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