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It’s David’s Birthday

18. November 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Happy Birthday David!!!!!! May your day be memoriable!!! hehe!

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First All-State, next New York broadway star in the musical…..

2. November 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized
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Ever since I started high school I had a plan. The plan was my first year not to go out for everything under the sun so that the transition from Big Stone to Milbank would be easier. As I get older I planned to get more involved. Which is what I’m doing.

My freshman year I didn’t do anything but sports. My sophmore year I did my sports + show choir + jazz band + spring musical+ FFA floriculture team. This year I am doing my sports + show choir + band+ jazz band + submission for honor band + trying out for the fall play + homecoming committee + fundraising for various reasons + prom + FFA floriculture + FFA Ag Communication team + all- state.

That’s right I totally made it into All-state. I tried out last year and didn’t get it. The show choir and all-state auditions are the same so I figured this year I would just do both like I did last year. My audition went awful. My national anthem sounded way of. The judge also cut me off before I finished it, rude. My pitches sounded way off and I messed up the memory work. But somehow I got in. I was super excited.

We prepared for weeks and weeks. We got out of school on thursday and went on our way to Rapid City. I have never had so much fun in my life. The ride was a major blast. Surprisingly the Milbank group was the only ones who sang. It was great.

Friday we had to be on the bus by 7:45 a.m. We then sang from 8:30 to 9:30. We had a half an hour break and then sang from 10:00 to 11:30. We then broke for lunch which was spent in Target, great times. We then had to be back at 1:00. We sang until 3. Then had another break and sang until 5. We had supper and the mall which we spent at Target again. We then practised from 7 to 9 and then we were done for the night.

Everybody hung out in the girls room because we just so cool. It was great. The people that made it to all-state from Milbank were: Bass: Tyler Buttke and Andrew Johanson, Tenor: Jacob Ebsen and Dillian Lichchin, Alto: Amber Mundwiler and Alex Weber, Soprano: Emma Werling and me Molly Rausch, as if you didn’t know that. We also had a band member, Emily Miler, make it into the orchastra which is really tricky to get in. So it was pretty much a party.

Saturday was about the same schedual but we were done by three. So we had four hours to get ready. We ate at the Outback and had a ton of laughs. Our waiter was super funny and I bet a little gay BUT it was a great time.

The concert was amazing and a ton of my friends saw me on TV so I’m pretty much famous now. haha. Well mom bought the DVD so we can all watch it a billion times. Oh, and I can commintate to it. That sounds like a ton of fun. I would elaberate more but I’m kinda tired so any questions? comment about them. Thanks for reading!

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