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Must run in the family

15. January 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

So Brenna and I have been saving up our money for a long time now so we can buy a PS2. We have bid on eBay and searched every where for the best deal. Then we find out that our brothers beat us. How in the world did they get one before us? We have wanted one way longer because Brenna and I are OBSESSED with Guitar Hero, and the only way to play it at our house is to buy a ps2 and then buy Guitar hero 1 and 2.

Mom was ran to the store today to pick up some brown sugar. Since the semester ended this week, I asked her to stop buy Pamada so i could get new notebooks and folders. She comes back and tells us Pamada has one PS2 left. I was like “oh my gosh, can we have it?” and was as like “why the H*** should i care.” (ha ha just kidding, she didn’t really say that) So I counted up our money and we have over $140. I think I was going almost 60 mph down the dike road. (ha ha joking again) Brenna and I parked quickly and we even left the car running. We ran into the store and to the electronics. And there is was. The last PS2.

After playing with it Brenna and I brought it home for play some play station 1 games on it. We didn’t have enough money at the time to buy any games. But if anyone wants to buy games for us, that would be greatly appreciated. Just thought you 3 blogs about PS2 would be funny!!

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