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Playin’ Bball

25. November 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

The first week of basketball is over. Holy cow!! Here is my week.


We didn’t have practice but there was a mandatory open gym for all the non-volleyball players. That is about half the team. Coach made a list of things we had to do and it took a good hour to finish all of that. By the end of open gym, my legs were dead.


This was the first day of real practice and boy did he work us. I had a huge blister by the middle of practice and my inhaler was out so the three ladders we had to do sucked big time. But all in all practice wasn’t too bad.


Day two of practice and easier than the first. We ran plays most the time so it was a lot of standing and listening. We did a lot of running toward the end of practice but for a cross country star (haha yeah right!) it was nothing.

Thursday was had off because of thanksgiving. Hurray!


We had practice in the afternoon. This gave me plenty of time to get a refill for my inhaler so I was breathing easy by practice time. We did an awful lot of running. Coach was also very crabby which made things ten times worse. We ended up doing sprints for a good ten minutes. (This may or may not be an exaggeration)


We had two practices today because we had Monday and Thursday off. They were both hard practices with lots and lots of conditioning. I try and keep a positive attitude about condition but that’s easier said then done. After the first practice of the day, we got jerseys. Guess who got a varsity jersey? No, not Brenna. I DID!! I got number 22 just like Coco Cofield. I’ll dunk it just for him too, haha in my dreams!

Sunday was had off as well, but dad had me up at six to go hunting before church. We saw two deer but no shots were fired.

I am pretty happy that Coach didn’t cut me, but im not out of hot water yet. I may have a jersey but Coach is riding me pretty hard. I always do really well when he isn’t watching, but as soon as he looks I choke and he yells. I can’t help it, knowing he wants to cut me makes me nervous. Cross my fingers that my hard work pays off this year. We have pictures tomorrow, so if i get cut after that I’ll still be in the program, haha!

Hope you guys had a fine weekend!

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I love weekends!

15. November 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As promised to Miles, I am going to post weekly. I am not as ambitious as Bryce and Miles about the whole posting everyday thing. I think baby steps are good.

What’s up with me? Well thanks for asking! Cross Country is over and if you didn’t know the girls and boys team qualified for state and I was good enough to go as an alternate. Hurray! Basketball is less than a week away, kinda nervous but chances of me sitting the varsity bench are alright.

School is…school. I am weeks behind in sleep so that makes getting up for school miserable. On top of things, I’m sick now. What the luck. Hopefully I will be all healed up and healthy by next week, not only for basketball but for giving blood on the 21nd.

Um…what else? Sports, school, um oh yeah the rest of my life.¬† Well Annie and I went from seeing each other everyday, to seeing each other once a week at that! I am single again and have been for a couple months, so no real boys news. Life with the fam hasn’t changed at all. Heather and I are hanging out a lot. For FFA, our ag communications proposal is really good so im excited for state.

Other than that nothing really to report. Milbank volleyball team is playing the the State tourny right now so Sat. Night, Im going to sioux falls for watch that. Other than that, im not doing anything!

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Life in the City Part 2

10. November 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Day 3 (July 24)

Today was Shelley’s Birthday and we jumped on her bed as a “wake up it’s your birthday” thing. Today was the big day! We were going to the Science Museum and the art museum, but most of all we were going to see Wicked on this day….and that’s all that mattered.

We went to the Science Museum first. It had Susie or Bessie, whatever the name of that dinosaur is. That was pretty cool. They had a mummy in the Egyptian section which was really neat. They also had a nature walk with different kinds of animals in their environments and in different seasons. Annie thought it was gross, but I thought it was fine.

We then went to the art Museum which reminded me of the Louvre, but smaller and not as old. I guess if you think about it the only part that was even close to the Louvre was the fact that both contained paintings. Oh well. The art was beautiful and we got to see the most wonderful artwork. That stuff is always fun, at first. But once you see every painting like six times the funness kinda gets worn out.
By the time we were done at the museum, it was lunch time. We had to see the Buckingham Fountain before we could eat though. We walked the four blocks to the fountain, took a couple pictures, and then found a trolley. Elaine was worn out so she rode the trolley back to the hotel, Shelley, Annie and I went back to the magnificent mile to find the restaurant where the waiters were purposely rude to you.

It was really close to the Hard Rock Cafe. Its name:Ed Debevic’s; its style: 50’s dinner; its service: rude. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a restaurant. We walk in and the host is coloring on a menu. He looks up at us and says: “Three, see that table over there? We shook our heads in agreement. “Take these and go sit down.” Our waitress comes and sits right next to us and asks us if we are ready. We say no. She tells us to hurry up and that she doesn’t have all day. So Shelley and I get some root beer floats and Annie got a strawberry shake. We get our stuff and it’s messy and spilling everywhere. But oh was ist filling! We ate and it was super good food. They gave us some hats to wear and every time the host walked by he would knock off my hat.

After we ate we went back to the hotel and started getting ready because it was about 4:30 when we got done with lunch. So we got all pretty and had to be ready and down in the lobby by 6 because the show started at 7:30!

We went down and walked to our theater, which was amazing! We were pretty earlier so was had to wait outside for a while. Our theater happened to be right next to the best popcorn place in all of Chicago. So of course we HAD to get some popcorn.

We only had to wait for about 20 minutes, and then the doors opened. Annie and I ran right to the souvenir and spent a lot of money! hahaha. After we splurged and we’re satisfied, we found our seats and waited.

It was the longest wait of my life, but when the lights dimmed and the music started it was well worth it. It was so amazing! Omg!! It was the most entertaining!

After the wonderful show, Elaine, Shelley, Annie, Micaela, Lauren, Christine, Colleen, Christine’s mom, Lonnie, and I decided to take another walk down the magnificent mile. Everyone but Annie, Shelley and I crapped out at a subway. The three of us continued on signing and just having a grand old time in the city. We were going to go clubbing but Annie is 18, so we exnayed that idea. About an hour later we returned to the hotel and started to wind down. Tomorrow was our last day in the wonderful city. *tear*

Day 4 (July 25)

Shelley had gotten Annie, Elaine, and I tickets to Behind the Emerald Curtain. What is that you ask? Well we all got to go back to the theater of magic  and see the set, costumes and wigs up close! We got to meet and get autographs from two of the cast members and there was also a question and answer portion. It was soo cool. We got to sit in the 1st row and see the set so close. It was another dream come true.

The show lasted a little longer than anticipated and we ended up missing our train. We only had to wait like a half an hour longer for the next one. That’s when we started our departure.

We got off the train and we were met by Jenny. She drove us to her apartment and we started the long journey home from there. Because we missed our train, we were unable to see house on the rock, again. It was pretty sad but I guess that’s just one more excuse to go back! hehe. It was such a long and a sad drive home. It was fun though. Annie and I even got to drive. It was grand. We got home at like 1 am and I was greeted but no one because Mom and Dad were in Philly and Brenna was at camp. It was me and the psycho dogs. It was the most amazing birthday trip ever.

How am I going to top that next year?

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