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So last week I forgot to post, so this week I will post twice. No people just settle down, stay calm, I know this one is a shocker but you have to stay calm.

On Friday, the Milbank girl’s basketball team played the Ortonville Trojans. The game started off on the right foot, for Ortonville. Milbank made stupid mistake after stupid mistake. I was getting so frustrated sitting on the bench and watch my teammates screw up. Sami Nygard was getting schooled by girls that have never (nor will they ever) schooled me. Coach would yell something like “Can’t anyone box out?” I’m thinking, coach the only girl that boxes out in practice or anytime is sitting right next to you! Then he would say something like “Can’t anyone get a rebound?” Then I’m like, coach I get over half of the rebounds in practice, I can do it. But does he put me in, nope! I sit and get cold, when I was shooting well all week and warm-ups went pretty well. (except for when people would yell out me name and stuff!)

It makes me so mad! There are some girls on the team that will make mistake after mistake and coach will hardly yell at her, and here I am, sitting on the bench, having a perfect game! (its pretty hard to mess up when you never get on the court!)

Don’t feel too sorry for me though, I did get to play. With 48 seconds left in the game, coach subbed me in for Sami. Yippy.

I just don’t get it, coach tells the girls who don’t get to play a lot that he wishes he could play us more, but he is the one who has that ability. I have worked so hard this summer and coach even wrote about how I have improved in the paper. But he won’t recognize! All coach ever talks about is how if you have heart and if you are coachable, skill will come and won’t matter as much, but 3/5th of his starting lineup hate basketball and are just waiting for another girl to quite. There is one girl that coach will tell her to slow down or stop making the skip pass and she’ll go out and do it four more times! Then there is me, coach tells me to change something and I fix it the next time I do it, and I continue to work on it. I also have more heart for basketball than those three girls combined! So why is coach such a lier. He’s not stupid, so why is he acting dumb? It’s my senior year, and I do not suck bad enough to ride the bench!

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Williams and Ree

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Last Friday Night, Brenna, Mom, Dad, and I went to Milbank to watch a Williams and Ree concert. Annie and her parents also went so we all got to sit together. They are the funniest people I have ever heard before. They were so quick on their feet.

Annie, Brenna and I weren’t too sure about how good they were going to be because all we knew about them was that they were old, they started out in South Dakota, and the mom and dad thought they were funny.

Going in, we weren’t too sure. But mom and dad were right, AGAIN!! That’s like two times in a row they haven’t let me down! haha I’m just playin’. No but seriously, they were amazing. Mom and Dad got a couple of their DVD’s and everyone should watch them. If you haven’t seen Williams and Ree, what’s wrong with you?

haha So how is everybody?

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