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News from Pierre!

8. January 2008 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As some and or most of you know, I am in Pierre for two weeks being a page for my father. I had my first day today and holy cow!! The page adviser office, our headquarters, is on the third floor of the capital building. We are all assigned six to seven Represenatives which we much introduce ourselves too. The three questions we have to ask them are as follows: Are you a paper person or are you wireless? Do you use your calendar book and/or bill books? Do you want your mail delivered to you? Yea my first thought when I was told I have to ask those were, and I quote, what the eef?! haha It’s not as confusing as you think. The first question we ask is just seeing if they need a paper copy of each of the bills or if they’ll just use the internet to look at them. The second question goes with the first. If they are paper people we usually put the bills in their calendar books and their bill books. The last one is self explainitory, do they want me to put their mail on their desk or will they get it themselves.

I have met with 4 of my 6 Reps today. One of them is dad/Rep Rausch, and all he wants me to do is get his mail. Pretty easy. The next one I have met is Rep. Jerke. He is a BIG paper person. Which so far, he is my only one. So that doesn’t make things hard at all. It just gives me something to do. Another one I have is a really young guy; Rep Noveustom? (spelt that wrong, opps) he is also all wireless and wants me to get his mail, again pretty easy. The last guy I talked to is all wireless and will get his own mail, so I don’t have to do anything with him. That is really nice. What about my two other Reps? well Rep Davis wasn’t even there today so I couldn’t really talk to him. Rep Gaillspie? was never in her desk. So first thing tomorrow I will have to track them down and find out the scope.

Why was my first day so bad? Well as I stated before we were on the third floor and Rep Jerke was a paper person. What does this mean to me? Well he hands me this list of all the bills he wants a hard copy of. The hard copies are stored in the basement. A little rule you don’t know about, we can’t use the elevator. So i go down the three sets of huge marble stairs for get these bills. This would not have been as stressful if i wasn’t already on a mission. You see, there was a new shipment of bills in the basement. The pages job is to distribute these all over the building. A fellow page and I got assigned to the house. It was a big job too. We both had seven sets of bills (which had about 50 pages in each) and we had to carry these up from the basement to the third floor. On top of this, the last set I had didn’t have all of the bills that were needed. So i have to run all the way to the basement and tell our advisor. She then told me to go up and double check all of the copies i put in and make sure I didn’t double up on anything. So I run up from the basement to the third floor and check all the seven books again. Nope no double copies, not my opps. So I run down to the basement and tell Val (our advisor) that there were no doubles. So she gives me the bills i don’t have and i go up to the third floor and finish the bill filing.

After that I was allowed to go to lunch. Then dad texted me and told me to come up to room 412. I was eating in the cafe in the basement. Room 412 is on the fourth floor. So I finish eating quick and go up there. Here the Republican caucus was meeting. This meeting is closed to pubilc and everyone not in the legislator, but my dad still got me in. It was pretty sweet and I got there toward the end of the meeting. At the end dad formally introduced me to all the Republicans and it was embarrassing but so cool all at the same time.

After that there was caucus. Here everyone but the Reps were sworn in. They voted on the Speaker and all the people like that. The pages were also sworn in. From 12 until an hour after session stopped I was on phone duty. There were a lot more calls than expected and it made me super nervous. We were done with our day before four. It was a longish good day. It was a fun day, although it was stressful at times.

After we got done, some of my page friends and I made plans to relax for a while and then go out to eat. We had a grand old time, fooling around at Micky D’s. Then we were going to go to the movies but there was only one and it wasn’t that good so we rented one and met back at one of the host houses to watch it.

haha oh on the way to Micky D’s my friend, Bethany, got a flat tire and Dad and Rep Boomgarden changed it for us. haha it was really a site to see. But that was my first day in Pierre, and I’ll try to keep you posted.

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