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The worst days of my life!

29. February 2008 | Kategorie Uncategorized

So I have been having the worse couple of days ever. Last night was my last basketball game! It was regions and if we won it, we won our ticket to state. We played Sioux Valley and at half time we were up by ten. We had a lead of 17 earlier in the game but slacked off by half time. Coach tried to motivate us in the locker room and not let us get discouraged. Whether it was Allie Osborne throwing a crappy pass that was easily picked off by a Sioux Valley player or the girls in just not playing basketball, it was a hard game to watch. I was getting so upset watching my team mates slack off and playing like we were ahead. They weren’t even trying. Of course coach didn’t do anything because he sucks! He couldn’t get in our heads and get our confidence up and when Allie throw the ball away three possessions in a row or other stupid mistakes he wouldn’t take them out of the game. I haven’t taken coaching classes, but im not stupid. Common sense would tell you that if a player isn’t playing well, you take them out and find someone who can play, that is why you have 14 girls sitting on the bench. Duh! Now losing wouldn’t have been as bad, except, I didn’t even get to play. It was my last game EVER and I only touched a basketball during warm-ups. I am really taking it hard!

So if this wasn’t bad enough, we got our play parts today. I am the only girl who tried out who didn’t complain about the play we were doing or the play we did in the fall. How do I get rewarded? I am Fruma-Sarah, whoever the heck that is. How are the complain about everything on earth that doesn’t go their way rewarded? THEY GET THE EEFING LEADS!!! Why does everyone hate me? What did I do to deserve all of this crap? Am I really that horrible of a person that God thinks its funny to do this too me? I hate it!!

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25. February 2008 | Kategorie Uncategorized

ok i am working on a post and i will finish it as soon as i get a chance to breath, so bare with me people! haha

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