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Offically a college student

13. June 2008 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As you all should know, i graduated in May. What you may not know is I am registered up and such. It is pretty sweet! I am taking 17 credits and taking not really weird classes except maybe one called speech, haha no just kidding it is called spirituality. Not sure what is going to be about but long story short im taking it. Mom got her burban so I get the van for college. i guess i don’t mind it. At least it is better than the car. Oh I finished 11th for my class that was pretty sweet! what else what else? Tyler and I are still going out and still happy. I golfed today and shot a 57. not the best but not to bad i guess. i beat brenna at least. Bryce i don’t know if you know this but you come home next week. Am i picking you up? that would be sweet! um so yea i have five thank you’s to write still and then those are done. Katy and Patches are still alive as well. haha so you should be pretty caught up now, hurray!

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