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Impossible Mission

19. November 2009 | Kategorie Uncategorized

A couple of years ago, I received a very nice Christmas gift from my best friend Annie. It was a John and a Paul action figure. Every now and then I think about how cool it would be to have a complete group.

It wasn’t until very recently that I started searching for George and Ringo. I guess I was hoping to get George and Ringo from Annie for my birthday or the following Christmas, but, since a couple birthdays and Christmases have gone by, I think it is safe to assume that I am going to have to purchase George and Ringo on my own.

I never expected to have any trouble finding George or Ringo, but I was very wrong. Annie got John and Paul for like ten dollars. I wish I could be that lucky with George and Ringo. Through extensive searching I have found George for the reasonable price of a little over twenty dollars on Amazon.

If you search for Ringo on Amazon, nothing. If you search for Ringo on eBay, nothing. I have been lucky enough to find the whole gang together, but the cost of that was almost one hundred and fifty dollars. I finally just did a broad google search for Ringo. I found him in stock on one website for about eighty dollars and on another for about seventy. One site I found him for a wonderful price of twenty-five dollars, but, alas, he was sold out. Every website that had Ringo for a good price, was sold out.

What is the cause of this anomaly? Well one hypothesis I have heard was that Ringo cannot be found, because no one likes Ringo. That is very plausible, but I have another hypothesis. I think Ringo is just so popular, that he is sold out everywhere. I think the makers purposely didn’t make enough Ringos to drive people like me crazy.

Now I am faced with a dilemma. Do I by Ringo for a ridiculous price and just ignore the amount of money I wasted buying him? Do I buy the group of four and try and sell the John and Paul I have grown to love? Do I just live with the fact that all I will have is Paul and John? I mean how fair is that to Paul? John is dead! And what about John? He is dead! If I was able to get Ringo and George, the whole gang would be happy! Paul would have a live Beatles to talk to and John would have George as a dead buddy!

For now, Paul and John and my Mr. Bubble bottle are just going to have to keep each other company until I either inherit enough money to pay for school and ridiculously priced merchandise, or have the rest of the gang magically given to me.

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