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Never Ending Stresses

10. February 2010 | Kategorie Uncategorized

The second semester of my sophomore year of college is just beginning and the stresses are almost instantaneous. For me, school has always been about having to get all A’s and being an overachiever. For me, school and I have always had a bitter sweet relationship. I really like school and it usually has not been too hard for me, but every semester the stresses just grind at me more and more. This semester I am in Biology, Anatomy, and Chemisty. They are all pretty difficult and contain their own personal stresses.

I have already taken this Biology last year, but it didn’t transfer over for USD to SDSU (long story, pretty much all taken care of). So I am taking it again and hoping that I will do better and that it will raise my GPA. In my mind, this bio class is an unneeded stress, but a stress none the less. I should have just dropped it at the beginning of the semester and then petitioned the school for a course equivalent and taken an easier class in its place. The main reason I did not do that is because I am pretty much done with my generals and didn’t want to take a “suppose to be slack” class and actually have it be very difficult. I am also scared that the courses will not be the exact same and then I will miss out on needed information.

Chemistry is another big class. Professor Jay Shore is a really smart guy and his classes tend to be more difficult. I have the resources to do well in this class so I am not as stressed about it as I am with my others, but I still want to do well in it. For me, the hardest thing about chemistry is that there is no lab to bump lecture test grades up. Chemistry lab counts as a separate class so it will not help me with my lecture tests. I am not the strongest test taker. I think it is because I over think so many things and then second guess myself. With those kind of problems, who wouldn’t be stressing about chemistry?

Anatomy is the last big lecture class and the most stressful. I want to be an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist so anatomy is a class that I really really need to do well in. I think because I know how crucial this class is to my future, I am stressing myself out way more that usual. If I can’t do well in this class, graduate schools will never look twice at my application. If I can’t do well, I will never get accepted into the athletic training program. I know I will be a treat athletic trainer and physical therapist, but there are certain requirements.

Some days I wish I was one of those majors were all you had to do was pass with an C and graduate. I just keep hearing mom in my head saying that I need a 4.0 to get accepted to grad school. It is not like my gpa is bad. I mean I have a 3.7 but one bad grade could really change all that.

I am confident though. If I don’t get accepted into the athletic training program this year, there is always next year. If I don’t get accepted to graduate school, I can retake classes and reapply. So it wouldn’t be the end of the world to do poorly and have to re track some steps, but it would be a lot better for my bank account and mental well being if I just do well the first time. I know I am not the first person to go through stresses like this, but why do I feel so alone right now? I just feel like I am in the deep end and don’t know how to swim.

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