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Only Rain

30. April 2011 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As I watch the rain run down my window,

It reminds me of the love I use to know.

My eyes fill with tears, as the memories flow,

About how much more our relationship was suppose to grow.


I long for his embrace,

And seeing the smile on his face.

I miss the way my heart would race

To keep up with his life’s pace.


Now I sit alone, listening to the storm outside,

Wishing, in him, I still could confide.

Longing to be with him, always by his side,

I am left forgotten, on a road without a guide.


Anger, confusions, sadness, and pain,

All these feelings bound together in an endless chain.

Feel like life is quite mundane,

Without him, I am just stuck listening to the rain.


-Molly Rausch

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