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Down the home stretch

27. July 2011 | Kategorie Uncategorized

I considered writing this post in poem form, but that seemed like a lot of work. For the last couple months, I have started my weight loss journey. Through my long (cough) dating life, I have noticed certain changes in my behavior. Apart from being happier and kind of MIA around my family, I also tend to put on some weight. It doesn’t help that most of dating is going out to eat and watching movies. I try and make it fun by biking, going to the lake, snowboarding, but you can’t do that all the time.

I started dating Tyler right at the end of high school. I weighed 135 about with I graduated. At the end of my relationship I was at a steady 156 average. So with being single now, I am trying to be healthier and happier. I have been so unhappy with the way I looked for so long and with every pound I feel better. I just remember Tyler saying over and over that he didn’t want to be with a fat girl, so every pound I gained came with worry of crossing the line for acceptable to fat.

With the depression, I ate….a lot. It didn’t make me feel better, just worse. I think I did it to fill a void, only the void wasn’t in my stomach. It wasn’t until I was single that I realized that though. I made the switch. I was done being unhappy with my body and I was going to change it. I got a job that requires me to workout 5 times a week which was a good start. I then switched pop for water. I always drank diet pop, but water was a much healthier choice. Then I cut out snacking between meals and when I did I had fruit and veggies to choose from. Then I started eating oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for lunch. When you list all these changes out together it seems like a lot, but I did it gradually. I would tackle one change and when I was use to it, I changed the next thing.

Currently, I am at 145.8 pounds. I am happier, but sometimes when I look in the mirror I don’t see any difference. I notice some clothes feel a little looser, but its hard to tell. I would like to be at 139 or below when the summer is over. Harder than that will be keeping these changes up once classes and athletic training duties start. I need to just find an hour somewhere to I can run and shower. I just don’t wanna fall into that depression again and gain the weight back. I want to be healthy.

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