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I choose Friday!

30. June 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Bryce and Miles (I think it was mainly Bryce) where talking about picking certain days to write and Bryce tracked me down and asked what day I wanted and I wanted Friday. I think that’s a really neat idea.

I wanted to write about “How I got engaged” but I’m not engaged. Yet. So instead I guess I’ll talk about the Rausch Reunion coming up this weekend. People are officially supposed to start arriving tomorrow because there is a special mass on Saturday. I think that’s really funny that our family is so huge that we have to have a separate mass. It makes me wonder. Is that discrimination against the Rausch’s? I mean first the special accent that only our family has and now this. If I didn’t know better I would think that people did like us. But that’s crazy talk.

I think on Sunday there is the practice round for golf. There are two parts to the bad news I’m going to tell you: first I’m just going to be arriving in Rapid on Sunday and second I don’t get to golf this time. Tear. I wish I had had more time to go and golf. Brenna even gets to golf and I don’t. That really makes me sad. I mean I understand that she golfed all spring but still. Anyway.

Then on Monday is the big tourny. The huge game. A gargantuan amount of competition. And it only has one name:

T H E   R A U S C H   C L A S S I C

After the golf game and the tourny there is an award ceremony. After that the Reunion is pretty much done. Nothing really important happens after that. Oh, I guess they do decide there where the next one will be so that’s kind of important. But yeah that’s pretty much it. That I guess is the end of the reunion.


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  1. Comment by m!les | July 1, 2006 @ 11:07 am

    This is an awesome use of foreshadowing.

    Other names for The Rausch Classic are:

    The Game
    The Big Dance
    Immaculate Reception
    A Big Waste of Time

    Just kidding…

  2. Comment by david | July 1, 2006 @ 12:21 pm

    Wouldn’t that be funny if Hogan like, died or something during the family reunion. haha! Best family reunion EVER!

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