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Stressed out!

19. February 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

There is a good reason why I havn’t posted in a while and it is because I haven’t really been home. I have been so busy lately. I am also posting because my mother has been nagging me a lot. So you know.

I know you are all wondering what’s been going on with me lately so I’ll fill you in.

School: Where to start? My day starts off with English. My teacher, Mrs. Kallemeyn, is new this year. She is ok, she lives in Watertown and has a newborn baby so she is gone a lot. I am doing well in her class.

Then I go to Ag leadership which is an independent study class. Mr. Janisch has a welding class in there at the same time so I usually just sit and do my own thing. He has a list of things I should get down by the end of the year and I’ve made some good head way with that.
I go to American History next with Mr. Lindquist. I have a B in his class which really pisses me off. The whole first semester I kept my 4.1 and now I have a B. He hardly ever takes any grades which is why it is a B. I don’t test well.

I have lunch at 11. This lunch hour has mostly Juniors and Seniors but a handful of Sophs also. It’s nice because I’m tiny enough to cut to the front of the line before anyone looks down. It only takes me about ten min. to get through the line instead of 15 for the Sophs.

After lunch, I have Algebra two with Mr. Bloem. I am also doing really well in this class. Math is really easy for me. I can’t always show my work but I can almost always get the right answer.

Next I go to Chemistry with Mr. Ammann. Now Mr. Ammann is only in his second year of teaching and his a younging. He doesn’t hate me but I can’t seem to get higher than a B on his tests. That is so frustrating. I study and study but it is not paying off. I also try and pay attention in class but he’s kinda boring. Lets just say BlockDude on my calculator is a lot more interesting.

My last real class of the day is Spanish. Now my grade is good in this class, however; Mrs. Strege hates me. She gave me my first detention and I wasn’t doing anything. She said something about how I should pay attention more, I don’t know I wasn’t really lisening. She has also called me a know-it-all, and said that I may think I’m a little Miss Perfect but that I’m wrong. I just want to cry everyday in her class. I use to like spanish and I’m good at it but she kinda just ruined it for me. Way to go!

I finish my day with band and choir. I do well with both of these classes because they are pretty naturally easy for me. They are a nice wind-down part of my day.

FYI: I only have two B’s but that is like a D to me! So I’m a little stressed about that.

Extra Curricular: For the last couple of months I have been busy with basketball. I had my last game on Thursday Febuary 15th. The season started off scary with the coaches not knowing if they were going to cut me or not. By the end of the season, I was the first one off the bench a majority of times and my playing time grew and grew. I also got to start my last game of the year. That was the most amazing feeling ever! Next year I’ll be a senior and hopefully I’ll have that pure white varsity jersey. I play to work my tail off to get it too.

Track will be starting pretty quickly, which means I have to start running. I hate track. I love the running part of it but I have the running on a track part of it. All year my knees have really been killing me. My coaches have tried different tape jobs but they are still sore and achy. I have had the school trainer look at them but all she could tell me was that I’m a little shorter on my right side. Figures!

This will also be my last year for track. I am going out for golf my senior year. I will also be in softball this year. Milbank has set up a 18 and under team so I get to play a sport I’ve missed so much. Now all Milbank needs is an Ultimate Frissby Team and they’ll have everything. Ha ha. I just couldn’t resist.

The show choir has been getting ready for our Pops Concert on Monday March 5th and we are singing and dancing to a medley from High School Musical. I have scored a small solo in it and I am really excited. I enjoy show choir a lot. It’s the best ever.

I have had FFA Floriculture practices on Tuesdays also. Mr. Janisch thinks we have a really good chance of making it to nationals this year, so he has decided to start drilling us early.  I really hope we make it. Nationals is the most fun ever, from what I hear anyway.
Other: The little time I have left I spend with Annie, Heather, and Matt. I have also been working at Bill’s a little more. I’m getting really worried about college. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it, and it stresses me out. Dad has really been hounding me about it.

You see, he wants me to go to a South Dakota school so I can get more scholarships. I don’t want to though. I want to go to UND, University of Mary, or the U of M. I don’t want to be in debt forever. I also don’t want to have to pull a Bryce and work full-time and part-time. I’m starting to get scared.

Any words of wisdom? Comments? Poor men jokes?

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  1. Comment by Holli | February 19, 2007 @ 11:55 pm

    My Spanish teacher was very creepy. He also wore weird sweaters.

    I’m shorter on one leg than the other too! Although, mine happened from a de-tasseling accident. It made my hips all wacky.

    It might be a good idea to go to a SD school, at least for your first 1-2 years. There are a lot of in-state first year scholarships. I know that I missed out on a lot of scholarships and opportunities for going out-of-state and have to pay more on top of that because Iowa doesn’t have reciprocity with SD…so that sucks. Don’t rule out all SD schools, at least look at some, if for the cheap first year, if nothing else.

  2. Comment by Bryce Rausch | February 20, 2007 @ 9:12 am

    So working a lot is called a “bryce”.

    Mrs. Strege probably hates you partly because of Miles and I. Miles was Muy Bien, Bryce was Loco. I really got on her nerves and you know me, I don’t back down so you love me or really loath me, guess which she was.

    I wrote quite a bit for the paying for school, so I’ll just email it to you.

    Don’t even worry about Seniora Strege though, one thing you could do is just ask if you can sit down with her and have a chat. Let her know you’re willing to do what you can to get along with her and that her opinion matters to you and bullshit like that. It’ll mean a lot to her, you’ll stand out more, and it’ll get her off your back.

    Good luck with golf next year, sounds like you’re pulling a Bryce there, too. Best thing you could do in your life is be just like me.

  3. Comment by m!les | February 20, 2007 @ 3:53 pm

    What, are you Bryce 2 now? I never had problems with Mrs. Strege. How do you practice for floriculture? Sounds like you’re a busy young lass. I have no idea what to comment. I paid for college by taking out loans and getting scholarships. Remember: your parents will always pick up the tab.

  4. Comment by Mom | February 22, 2007 @ 3:08 pm

    Say What!!!

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