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ok i am working on a post and i will finish it as soon as i get a chance to breath, so bare with me people! haha

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News from Pierre!

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As some and or most of you know, I am in Pierre for two weeks being a page for my father. I had my first day today and holy cow!! The page adviser office, our headquarters, is on the third floor of the capital building. We are all assigned six to seven Represenatives which we much introduce ourselves too. The three questions we have to ask them are as follows: Are you a paper person or are you wireless? Do you use your calendar book and/or bill books? Do you want your mail delivered to you? Yea my first thought when I was told I have to ask those were, and I quote, what the eef?! haha It’s not as confusing as you think. The first question we ask is just seeing if they need a paper copy of each of the bills or if they’ll just use the internet to look at them. The second question goes with the first. If they are paper people we usually put the bills in their calendar books and their bill books. The last one is self explainitory, do they want me to put their mail on their desk or will they get it themselves.

I have met with 4 of my 6 Reps today. One of them is dad/Rep Rausch, and all he wants me to do is get his mail. Pretty easy. The next one I have met is Rep. Jerke. He is a BIG paper person. Which so far, he is my only one. So that doesn’t make things hard at all. It just gives me something to do. Another one I have is a really young guy; Rep Noveustom? (spelt that wrong, opps) he is also all wireless and wants me to get his mail, again pretty easy. The last guy I talked to is all wireless and will get his own mail, so I don’t have to do anything with him. That is really nice. What about my two other Reps? well Rep Davis wasn’t even there today so I couldn’t really talk to him. Rep Gaillspie? was never in her desk. So first thing tomorrow I will have to track them down and find out the scope.

Why was my first day so bad? Well as I stated before we were on the third floor and Rep Jerke was a paper person. What does this mean to me? Well he hands me this list of all the bills he wants a hard copy of. The hard copies are stored in the basement. A little rule you don’t know about, we can’t use the elevator. So i go down the three sets of huge marble stairs for get these bills. This would not have been as stressful if i wasn’t already on a mission. You see, there was a new shipment of bills in the basement. The pages job is to distribute these all over the building. A fellow page and I got assigned to the house. It was a big job too. We both had seven sets of bills (which had about 50 pages in each) and we had to carry these up from the basement to the third floor. On top of this, the last set I had didn’t have all of the bills that were needed. So i have to run all the way to the basement and tell our advisor. She then told me to go up and double check all of the copies i put in and make sure I didn’t double up on anything. So I run up from the basement to the third floor and check all the seven books again. Nope no double copies, not my opps. So I run down to the basement and tell Val (our advisor) that there were no doubles. So she gives me the bills i don’t have and i go up to the third floor and finish the bill filing.

After that I was allowed to go to lunch. Then dad texted me and told me to come up to room 412. I was eating in the cafe in the basement. Room 412 is on the fourth floor. So I finish eating quick and go up there. Here the Republican caucus was meeting. This meeting is closed to pubilc and everyone not in the legislator, but my dad still got me in. It was pretty sweet and I got there toward the end of the meeting. At the end dad formally introduced me to all the Republicans and it was embarrassing but so cool all at the same time.

After that there was caucus. Here everyone but the Reps were sworn in. They voted on the Speaker and all the people like that. The pages were also sworn in. From 12 until an hour after session stopped I was on phone duty. There were a lot more calls than expected and it made me super nervous. We were done with our day before four. It was a longish good day. It was a fun day, although it was stressful at times.

After we got done, some of my page friends and I made plans to relax for a while and then go out to eat. We had a grand old time, fooling around at Micky D’s. Then we were going to go to the movies but there was only one and it wasn’t that good so we rented one and met back at one of the host houses to watch it.

haha oh on the way to Micky D’s my friend, Bethany, got a flat tire and Dad and Rep Boomgarden changed it for us. haha it was really a site to see. But that was my first day in Pierre, and I’ll try to keep you posted.

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So last week I forgot to post, so this week I will post twice. No people just settle down, stay calm, I know this one is a shocker but you have to stay calm.

On Friday, the Milbank girl’s basketball team played the Ortonville Trojans. The game started off on the right foot, for Ortonville. Milbank made stupid mistake after stupid mistake. I was getting so frustrated sitting on the bench and watch my teammates screw up. Sami Nygard was getting schooled by girls that have never (nor will they ever) schooled me. Coach would yell something like “Can’t anyone box out?” I’m thinking, coach the only girl that boxes out in practice or anytime is sitting right next to you! Then he would say something like “Can’t anyone get a rebound?” Then I’m like, coach I get over half of the rebounds in practice, I can do it. But does he put me in, nope! I sit and get cold, when I was shooting well all week and warm-ups went pretty well. (except for when people would yell out me name and stuff!)

It makes me so mad! There are some girls on the team that will make mistake after mistake and coach will hardly yell at her, and here I am, sitting on the bench, having a perfect game! (its pretty hard to mess up when you never get on the court!)

Don’t feel too sorry for me though, I did get to play. With 48 seconds left in the game, coach subbed me in for Sami. Yippy.

I just don’t get it, coach tells the girls who don’t get to play a lot that he wishes he could play us more, but he is the one who has that ability. I have worked so hard this summer and coach even wrote about how I have improved in the paper. But he won’t recognize! All coach ever talks about is how if you have heart and if you are coachable, skill will come and won’t matter as much, but 3/5th of his starting lineup hate basketball and are just waiting for another girl to quite. There is one girl that coach will tell her to slow down or stop making the skip pass and she’ll go out and do it four more times! Then there is me, coach tells me to change something and I fix it the next time I do it, and I continue to work on it. I also have more heart for basketball than those three girls combined! So why is coach such a lier. He’s not stupid, so why is he acting dumb? It’s my senior year, and I do not suck bad enough to ride the bench!

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Williams and Ree

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Last Friday Night, Brenna, Mom, Dad, and I went to Milbank to watch a Williams and Ree concert. Annie and her parents also went so we all got to sit together. They are the funniest people I have ever heard before. They were so quick on their feet.

Annie, Brenna and I weren’t too sure about how good they were going to be because all we knew about them was that they were old, they started out in South Dakota, and the mom and dad thought they were funny.

Going in, we weren’t too sure. But mom and dad were right, AGAIN!! That’s like two times in a row they haven’t let me down! haha I’m just playin’. No but seriously, they were amazing. Mom and Dad got a couple of their DVD’s and everyone should watch them. If you haven’t seen Williams and Ree, what’s wrong with you?

haha So how is everybody?

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Playin’ Bball

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The first week of basketball is over. Holy cow!! Here is my week.


We didn’t have practice but there was a mandatory open gym for all the non-volleyball players. That is about half the team. Coach made a list of things we had to do and it took a good hour to finish all of that. By the end of open gym, my legs were dead.


This was the first day of real practice and boy did he work us. I had a huge blister by the middle of practice and my inhaler was out so the three ladders we had to do sucked big time. But all in all practice wasn’t too bad.


Day two of practice and easier than the first. We ran plays most the time so it was a lot of standing and listening. We did a lot of running toward the end of practice but for a cross country star (haha yeah right!) it was nothing.

Thursday was had off because of thanksgiving. Hurray!


We had practice in the afternoon. This gave me plenty of time to get a refill for my inhaler so I was breathing easy by practice time. We did an awful lot of running. Coach was also very crabby which made things ten times worse. We ended up doing sprints for a good ten minutes. (This may or may not be an exaggeration)


We had two practices today because we had Monday and Thursday off. They were both hard practices with lots and lots of conditioning. I try and keep a positive attitude about condition but that’s easier said then done. After the first practice of the day, we got jerseys. Guess who got a varsity jersey? No, not Brenna. I DID!! I got number 22 just like Coco Cofield. I’ll dunk it just for him too, haha in my dreams!

Sunday was had off as well, but dad had me up at six to go hunting before church. We saw two deer but no shots were fired.

I am pretty happy that Coach didn’t cut me, but im not out of hot water yet. I may have a jersey but Coach is riding me pretty hard. I always do really well when he isn’t watching, but as soon as he looks I choke and he yells. I can’t help it, knowing he wants to cut me makes me nervous. Cross my fingers that my hard work pays off this year. We have pictures tomorrow, so if i get cut after that I’ll still be in the program, haha!

Hope you guys had a fine weekend!

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I love weekends!

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As promised to Miles, I am going to post weekly. I am not as ambitious as Bryce and Miles about the whole posting everyday thing. I think baby steps are good.

What’s up with me? Well thanks for asking! Cross Country is over and if you didn’t know the girls and boys team qualified for state and I was good enough to go as an alternate. Hurray! Basketball is less than a week away, kinda nervous but chances of me sitting the varsity bench are alright.

School is…school. I am weeks behind in sleep so that makes getting up for school miserable. On top of things, I’m sick now. What the luck. Hopefully I will be all healed up and healthy by next week, not only for basketball but for giving blood on the 21nd.

Um…what else? Sports, school, um oh yeah the rest of my life.  Well Annie and I went from seeing each other everyday, to seeing each other once a week at that! I am single again and have been for a couple months, so no real boys news. Life with the fam hasn’t changed at all. Heather and I are hanging out a lot. For FFA, our ag communications proposal is really good so im excited for state.

Other than that nothing really to report. Milbank volleyball team is playing the the State tourny right now so Sat. Night, Im going to sioux falls for watch that. Other than that, im not doing anything!

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Life in the City Part 2

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Day 3 (July 24)

Today was Shelley’s Birthday and we jumped on her bed as a “wake up it’s your birthday” thing. Today was the big day! We were going to the Science Museum and the art museum, but most of all we were going to see Wicked on this day….and that’s all that mattered.

We went to the Science Museum first. It had Susie or Bessie, whatever the name of that dinosaur is. That was pretty cool. They had a mummy in the Egyptian section which was really neat. They also had a nature walk with different kinds of animals in their environments and in different seasons. Annie thought it was gross, but I thought it was fine.

We then went to the art Museum which reminded me of the Louvre, but smaller and not as old. I guess if you think about it the only part that was even close to the Louvre was the fact that both contained paintings. Oh well. The art was beautiful and we got to see the most wonderful artwork. That stuff is always fun, at first. But once you see every painting like six times the funness kinda gets worn out.
By the time we were done at the museum, it was lunch time. We had to see the Buckingham Fountain before we could eat though. We walked the four blocks to the fountain, took a couple pictures, and then found a trolley. Elaine was worn out so she rode the trolley back to the hotel, Shelley, Annie and I went back to the magnificent mile to find the restaurant where the waiters were purposely rude to you.

It was really close to the Hard Rock Cafe. Its name:Ed Debevic’s; its style: 50’s dinner; its service: rude. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a restaurant. We walk in and the host is coloring on a menu. He looks up at us and says: “Three, see that table over there? We shook our heads in agreement. “Take these and go sit down.” Our waitress comes and sits right next to us and asks us if we are ready. We say no. She tells us to hurry up and that she doesn’t have all day. So Shelley and I get some root beer floats and Annie got a strawberry shake. We get our stuff and it’s messy and spilling everywhere. But oh was ist filling! We ate and it was super good food. They gave us some hats to wear and every time the host walked by he would knock off my hat.

After we ate we went back to the hotel and started getting ready because it was about 4:30 when we got done with lunch. So we got all pretty and had to be ready and down in the lobby by 6 because the show started at 7:30!

We went down and walked to our theater, which was amazing! We were pretty earlier so was had to wait outside for a while. Our theater happened to be right next to the best popcorn place in all of Chicago. So of course we HAD to get some popcorn.

We only had to wait for about 20 minutes, and then the doors opened. Annie and I ran right to the souvenir and spent a lot of money! hahaha. After we splurged and we’re satisfied, we found our seats and waited.

It was the longest wait of my life, but when the lights dimmed and the music started it was well worth it. It was so amazing! Omg!! It was the most entertaining!

After the wonderful show, Elaine, Shelley, Annie, Micaela, Lauren, Christine, Colleen, Christine’s mom, Lonnie, and I decided to take another walk down the magnificent mile. Everyone but Annie, Shelley and I crapped out at a subway. The three of us continued on signing and just having a grand old time in the city. We were going to go clubbing but Annie is 18, so we exnayed that idea. About an hour later we returned to the hotel and started to wind down. Tomorrow was our last day in the wonderful city. *tear*

Day 4 (July 25)

Shelley had gotten Annie, Elaine, and I tickets to Behind the Emerald Curtain. What is that you ask? Well we all got to go back to the theater of magic  and see the set, costumes and wigs up close! We got to meet and get autographs from two of the cast members and there was also a question and answer portion. It was soo cool. We got to sit in the 1st row and see the set so close. It was another dream come true.

The show lasted a little longer than anticipated and we ended up missing our train. We only had to wait like a half an hour longer for the next one. That’s when we started our departure.

We got off the train and we were met by Jenny. She drove us to her apartment and we started the long journey home from there. Because we missed our train, we were unable to see house on the rock, again. It was pretty sad but I guess that’s just one more excuse to go back! hehe. It was such a long and a sad drive home. It was fun though. Annie and I even got to drive. It was grand. We got home at like 1 am and I was greeted but no one because Mom and Dad were in Philly and Brenna was at camp. It was me and the psycho dogs. It was the most amazing birthday trip ever.

How am I going to top that next year?

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Life in the City Part 1

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As a thank you gift to Annie and I for our participation in the fine arts program all 7 years and directing this year, Elaine and Shelley took us to Chicago to see Wicked!! It was amazing! We left on Sunday, July 22 and got back Wednesday, July 25. Here’s what happened:

Day 1 (July 22)

I woke up on my birthday to find that my mother was sick. She was so sick she decided to skip out on church (this is a very rare occurrence, by the way) I loaded all my luggage into my car. After all of that was done and more, Brenna and I headed off to do the “Church” thing; cleanse our soul and to sing songs of praise.

After church, Shelley, Elaine and Annie were waiting for me. Annie sprinted over to me and gave me a happy birthday hug. After i transfered all of the stuff from my car to Shelley’s, I got Brenna a hug goodbye and she drove my car home and we took off for Chicago.

It was the longest car ride I have ever been on. It would have been a good hour less if Minnesota had speed limits at 65 instead of the slow speed of 55.

The car ride consisted mainly of reading, singing to Wicked and sleeping. We did stop at a gas station in Benson just so I could buy my first lottery ticket. It was a real good one, a real good loser that is. (surprise surprise!) We took a hour or so detour to see the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it was closed before we got there and we weren’t able to see the inside. It looked pretty cool from what i could see staring in through the window. We ate at the Olive Garden where they sang happy birthday to me. We got to Julie’s House in the suburbs of Chicago at about 11 o’clock. It was a kinda boring but super fun birthday. I got calls from Bryce and Jeremy. Other than Brenna’s birthday wish that was all I got on my birthday. (I guess Miles, Dad and Mom tried but none called *tear*) Annie and I tried to sleep but we were just too excited. Shelley out a damper on that by hitting us with her pillow and telling us to quite down, hehe.

Day 2 (July 23)

We got up at about 9 o’clock and started getting ready to catch our train. It was on this day that we realized that Shelley doesn’t like to see what Annie and I our panties and tank tops. So for the rest of the trip we made sure Shelley saw what we wore everyday!! We got ready and ran to meet our train. It was a double-decker train.

We had about an hour ride on the train. We got off and took the many escalators up to the ground leave. We were greeted by the beautiful skyline of the city! It was pretty much amazing! We crossed the street and took the Free Trolley to our hotel. We went in and checked in our luggage and went to explore!

It was about 1 o’clock so we decided to wonder and find a place to eat. We decided to walk about five blocks from our hotel to the Hard Rock Cafe. We had our meal and it was wonderful. We were about finished when Annie shouts out at our waitress that it’s my birthday. I quickly replied with, “Oh no, my birthday was yesterday!” Our waitress then said that it was close enough to my birthday that I get a free sundae. I then shout out, “Well it’s Shelley’s birthday too!” Shelley is all like “No mine is not for a couple more days.” Again the waitress was like free sundae for you! A little bit later she comes back with two sundaes that have a little candle in them. I put up my arms to get mine (because I LOVE ice cream) and she pulls away and says, “Come with me!” I look at Shelley and Shelley looks at me. We get up and follow our waitress up about 25 stairs onto this stage. Then she pulls out two chairs to the end on the stage and tells up to stand on them. I’m like, “does everyone know about Bryce’s tradition of standing on top of a chair to tell a story?” So we get up there and I start racking my brain for good stories and the waitress hands us our sundaes and lights the candles. She then shouts out, “ATTENTION HARD ROCK CAFE! I’VE GOT TWO BIRTHDAYS UP HERE! MOLLY IS TURNING 18 AND SHELLEY IS TURNING 26! ON THE COUNT OF THREE LETS GIVE THEM A HARD ROCK ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ ONE! TWO! THREEEEEE!” Then everyone shouted a “happy birthday” cheer at us. It was awesome.

After we did some shopping in the Hard Rock Cafe Gift Shop, we caught the free trolley to Navy Pier. We got a ride on the huge ferris wheel and took tons of pictures of Lake Michigan and the skyline. We got off and saw the stain glass museum and walked to the end of the pier for more picture moments. We then walked all the way back and caught the trolley again.

We headed back to our hotel to get settled into our room. We stayed at the Hyatt Hotel, which is a four star hotel, and it was amazing. It had a concierge and everything. Shelley let Annie and I bother him a couple of times. It was great fun!

We went up to our room and Annie and I tested out our bed. We were on the 18th floor and no one below complained about us making too much noise, so that was good. A bell boy brought all of our bags to our room and then we started getting ready to see the city at night.

It took Annie and I a couple hours to get ready, but once we were ready nothing could stop us. We explored the Magnificent Mile which was conveniently just a block over from our hotel. We went in to Aldo where we accessorized! Then we found a T.G.I Fridays and decided to eat there. Annie again told the waiter that it was my birthday and I told him it was also Shelley’s. A little bit later, a whole bunch of waiters and waitresses came out with two sundaes and starting singing the birthday song to us. It was great!!

After we finished our meal, we saw some people getting rides in horse drawn carriages. We decided that would be a perfect thing to do. So we took a half an hour tour. We got to see the expensive side of the city, like Oprah’s apartment. It was pretty amazing!

After that we went to the John Hancock building. We rode up the elevator to the 94th floor. We saw the beautiful city at night. I never wanted to leave! I (heart) Chicago. Oh that reminds me, I bought a little I (heart) Chicago bear in the gift shop on the 94th floor. It was the cutest bear ever!

We walked back to the hotel after that and called it a night. No, we didn’t go clubbing. I really wanted to and I was totally legal but we passed. I don’t think the windy city is ready for my dance moves.

To be continued…

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Chicago is coming

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I have been writing my chicago post so just be patient. It is really long and is taking forever so bear with me. Plus school started to i have very little free time. How is everyone?

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wedding party.jpg

So Bryce and Linds finally tied the knot. I know, I know! Hard to believe after dating for about 20 years (little exaggeration) they finally did it. It was a blast. I was honored to be a braids maid, and had a great experience. I got to go to the bachelorette party in St. Cloud. (Great time) I got my hair done, my nails done, and got a beautiful new dress! Oh it was just a blast… guys should get married more often!!! hehe just kidding! Good thing I only have to wait 7 more months for another great party!! Holli, Miles, you next!

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So confused!

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About three or so weeks ago, Matt started acting different. He wasn’t very happy ever, and he kinda just closed up on me. Within those weeks, a lot has fallen apart. We have been going out for eight and a half months now, but I’m not sure how much longer we will go out. Here’s what happened…

I not really sure what happened, but something happened at school with some people that has got him depressed now. He doesn’t want to talk to me about it because he doesn’t want me to get involved. This is killing us however. He never want to hang out and when I talked to Fellows he told me not to worry and that he still likes me and that Matt just gets weird sometimes.

Well about a week or so ago, I went to one of his games and he totally blew me off. He would rather talk to everyone but me. Then once everyone left and it was just us, he went from happy to depressed. Every time we would chat, he’d get mad. Everything became my fault. I was telling him what to do, being inconsiderate and I guess to him I was just being a bad girlfriend. I tried to make him see the positive and I told him not to be so negative, but he’s like that’s just the way I am.

Then I read some of the songs he has written and they scare me. He has been writing songs about suicide and just with the whole personality change, it’s too much. I told him that his songs worry me, and he pulled one of those well if you don’t like my songs then you must not like the real me. I’m like no the real matt is the matt i have been dating for eight months not this new matt that has taken over.

Last Friday we did talk, we talked for a long time but nothing really got decided. He told me that I was mean before telling him that he was acting like a jerk (but he was, i was just frustrated and telling the truth!) and that he didn’t like that i didn’t like him and Candice being so close. (Annie tells me that she flirts with him all the time) I told him that i just didn’t appreciate them flirting. He told me that she starts it and that he doesn’t tell her to stop because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. I told him that if she was really his friend, she would understand. But he’s like whatever.

So today, we finally decided to break up. After being yelled at and fighting for a good two weeks, I finally gave up. He had been hinting at it for a while and it was me that was keeping us going. I just feel so bad, like i wasn’t helpful enough or something. I feel like i was a bad girlfriend, or not good enough. It’s so weird because a month ago, he seemed so mature and we seemed so good. Now he seems so young and almost immature and we are so over.

I don’t know what to do. I still really like him, and ending it was like dumping myself. Why does it have to be so unfair? Why can’t there just be no drama? I wish we could still be friends and that everything could be the same, but it never will be. I feel like I’ve not only lost Matt as a boyfriend, but also as a friend. He says he will still call and that he still wants to be friends, but he hardly called when we were going out, should i really be counting on that call? What do I do?

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This weekend

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This weekend is a very big weekend for me and I’m excited. I will have 2 days of school this week. I had state FFA Monday and Tuesday. We have three teams going to Nationals. My team didn’t make it. We got 6th. It sucks a little.

It is also slush week this week. I wore the family’s old Ortonville track jersey for jersey day and got a ton of looks and comments. I was proud to wear that jersey.

I had my first meet on Thursday. I am super sore and tired. I ran the mile, two mile, and the 4 x 800. I cramped up pretty badly and had a few breathing problems. Other than that, my times weren’t TOO bad.

I get confirmed this weekend and its going to be a party!!  I am really excited to finally get it done with. Just think next year around this time…I’ll be graduating!! Scary!

Next week is really big also. So I might be posting again REAL soon. Shocker huh?

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Happy Birthday Holli

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Its been great to know you. To bad you can’t celebrate with your “favorite” dog!

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Happy Birthday Dad!!

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We love you! You great politician you!

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Spring time!

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Winter is over and spring is beginning. It sure doesn’t feel like winter is over though. Brenna, Mom, and I are at home right now because of a snow day. It has been raining here for what seems like forever, and now there is snow.

Track started about 2 weeks ago and we have been stuck in the gym for most of that time. My first track meet was suppost to be today but it got cancelled due to snow. It’s April!!!! For my first meet, coach says i am running the 4 by 800, the miles, and the 2 mile. I will die.

FFA is off and going strong. I am on the floriculture team again and am placing high in the over all placing. Mr. Jansch really wants us to win and had been working us like the Germans worked the Jews. It’s ridiculous. but hopefully it will all be worth it.

The quarter ended and i once again for all A’s and a GPA of 4.2-that’s right i have brains and beauty. Oh Bryce, Mrs. Stege hates me. I don’t know what i did but she hates me a lot. She says I use to be more like Miles but now I am more like you. And when i laughed she says that’s not always a good thing. Burn!!

I qualified for Girl’s State. There were 10 girls who got interviewed and out of 3 i was one who got chosen. I’m pretty sure Dad helped with that one though. When the visited the capital, all the representative got these red fleece vests. Dad was the only one who was wearing his and they noticed! Thank God for connections right?

I get confirmed on April 21. I am pretty excited! I still need to buy my dress and such but you know that won’t be hard to find!

I also have prom in the month of April. April 28 to be exact. I am going to prom with my friend Tyler Buttke. I couldn’t go with Matt because Milbank doesn’t let underclassmen attend prom. But he is going to Ortonville prom with Micaela. I have my dress, my shoes, my garter, and my jewlery. The only thing i need now is a hair style, which i think i found, and makeup!

What’s up with you guys?

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Happy Birthday Miles and Dan!!!!

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Another birthday, another post. Have more birthdays people and ill post more hahaha.girlswith miles.jpg

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R.I.P Trouble

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She was the most perfect little kitty ever. Always a sweetheard and could put up with Hogan. Enough said. I’ll miss my little blue eyed kitty slash angel.

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Stressed out!

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There is a good reason why I havn’t posted in a while and it is because I haven’t really been home. I have been so busy lately. I am also posting because my mother has been nagging me a lot. So you know.

I know you are all wondering what’s been going on with me lately so I’ll fill you in.

School: Where to start? My day starts off with English. My teacher, Mrs. Kallemeyn, is new this year. She is ok, she lives in Watertown and has a newborn baby so she is gone a lot. I am doing well in her class.

Then I go to Ag leadership which is an independent study class. Mr. Janisch has a welding class in there at the same time so I usually just sit and do my own thing. He has a list of things I should get down by the end of the year and I’ve made some good head way with that.
I go to American History next with Mr. Lindquist. I have a B in his class which really pisses me off. The whole first semester I kept my 4.1 and now I have a B. He hardly ever takes any grades which is why it is a B. I don’t test well.

I have lunch at 11. This lunch hour has mostly Juniors and Seniors but a handful of Sophs also. It’s nice because I’m tiny enough to cut to the front of the line before anyone looks down. It only takes me about ten min. to get through the line instead of 15 for the Sophs.

After lunch, I have Algebra two with Mr. Bloem. I am also doing really well in this class. Math is really easy for me. I can’t always show my work but I can almost always get the right answer.

Next I go to Chemistry with Mr. Ammann. Now Mr. Ammann is only in his second year of teaching and his a younging. He doesn’t hate me but I can’t seem to get higher than a B on his tests. That is so frustrating. I study and study but it is not paying off. I also try and pay attention in class but he’s kinda boring. Lets just say BlockDude on my calculator is a lot more interesting.

My last real class of the day is Spanish. Now my grade is good in this class, however; Mrs. Strege hates me. She gave me my first detention and I wasn’t doing anything. She said something about how I should pay attention more, I don’t know I wasn’t really lisening. She has also called me a know-it-all, and said that I may think I’m a little Miss Perfect but that I’m wrong. I just want to cry everyday in her class. I use to like spanish and I’m good at it but she kinda just ruined it for me. Way to go!

I finish my day with band and choir. I do well with both of these classes because they are pretty naturally easy for me. They are a nice wind-down part of my day.

FYI: I only have two B’s but that is like a D to me! So I’m a little stressed about that.

Extra Curricular: For the last couple of months I have been busy with basketball. I had my last game on Thursday Febuary 15th. The season started off scary with the coaches not knowing if they were going to cut me or not. By the end of the season, I was the first one off the bench a majority of times and my playing time grew and grew. I also got to start my last game of the year. That was the most amazing feeling ever! Next year I’ll be a senior and hopefully I’ll have that pure white varsity jersey. I play to work my tail off to get it too.

Track will be starting pretty quickly, which means I have to start running. I hate track. I love the running part of it but I have the running on a track part of it. All year my knees have really been killing me. My coaches have tried different tape jobs but they are still sore and achy. I have had the school trainer look at them but all she could tell me was that I’m a little shorter on my right side. Figures!

This will also be my last year for track. I am going out for golf my senior year. I will also be in softball this year. Milbank has set up a 18 and under team so I get to play a sport I’ve missed so much. Now all Milbank needs is an Ultimate Frissby Team and they’ll have everything. Ha ha. I just couldn’t resist.

The show choir has been getting ready for our Pops Concert on Monday March 5th and we are singing and dancing to a medley from High School Musical. I have scored a small solo in it and I am really excited. I enjoy show choir a lot. It’s the best ever.

I have had FFA Floriculture practices on Tuesdays also. Mr. Janisch thinks we have a really good chance of making it to nationals this year, so he has decided to start drilling us early.  I really hope we make it. Nationals is the most fun ever, from what I hear anyway.
Other: The little time I have left I spend with Annie, Heather, and Matt. I have also been working at Bill’s a little more. I’m getting really worried about college. I have no idea how I’m going to pay for it, and it stresses me out. Dad has really been hounding me about it.

You see, he wants me to go to a South Dakota school so I can get more scholarships. I don’t want to though. I want to go to UND, University of Mary, or the U of M. I don’t want to be in debt forever. I also don’t want to have to pull a Bryce and work full-time and part-time. I’m starting to get scared.

Any words of wisdom? Comments? Poor men jokes?

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Must run in the family

15. January 2007 | Kategorie Uncategorized

So Brenna and I have been saving up our money for a long time now so we can buy a PS2. We have bid on eBay and searched every where for the best deal. Then we find out that our brothers beat us. How in the world did they get one before us? We have wanted one way longer because Brenna and I are OBSESSED with Guitar Hero, and the only way to play it at our house is to buy a ps2 and then buy Guitar hero 1 and 2.

Mom was ran to the store today to pick up some brown sugar. Since the semester ended this week, I asked her to stop buy Pamada so i could get new notebooks and folders. She comes back and tells us Pamada has one PS2 left. I was like “oh my gosh, can we have it?” and was as like “why the H*** should i care.” (ha ha just kidding, she didn’t really say that) So I counted up our money and we have over $140. I think I was going almost 60 mph down the dike road. (ha ha joking again) Brenna and I parked quickly and we even left the car running. We ran into the store and to the electronics. And there is was. The last PS2.

After playing with it Brenna and I brought it home for play some play station 1 games on it. We didn’t have enough money at the time to buy any games. But if anyone wants to buy games for us, that would be greatly appreciated. Just thought you 3 blogs about PS2 would be funny!!

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The most wonderful time…..

25. December 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

It is offically Christmas Break and I am soo pumped for this. I was really tempted to do a knock off of my brother’s video blogs but I’m too lazy. Everything is perfect for Christmas. I have my Christmas had my shopping all done about a week before Christmas, which to some of you may sound kinda lame but that’s really good for me. I had my Christmas outfit picked out.

Everything was perfect for Christmas except the weather. The weather is so nice, which is not how it is suppose to be. We should have already had a blizzard and their should be snow on the ground. We did get alittle snow, but our cold days are usually followed by a nice one which melts all the good, beautiful snow.

Christmas has been really good to me. I got almost everything on my list. The only things I didn’t get that I really wanted was a Steve Nash shirt, and an ipod. So there really isn’t anything to complain about. I’m so happy. I still have more good things coming though.

In school the clique has decided to just have a Secret Santa drawing  and the party is at my house this year. I am really excited to receive my gift as well as give mine. That’s really the best part of giving gifts. I love seeing the receiver’s face light up or blush. It’s great! Like when I gave Bryce and Miles their t-shirts and Brenna her dog, their faces were priceless!!!

My celebration of the Christmas holiday is not over however. We still have the Miles side Christmas to celebrate tomorrow and Christmas with my friends. I’ll blog about how that goes.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and safe travels. Merry Christmas Eve!

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