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It’s David’s Birthday

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Happy Birthday David!!!!!! May your day be memoriable!!! hehe!

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First All-State, next New York broadway star in the musical…..

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All State.jpg

Ever since I started high school I had a plan. The plan was my first year not to go out for everything under the sun so that the transition from Big Stone to Milbank would be easier. As I get older I planned to get more involved. Which is what I’m doing.

My freshman year I didn’t do anything but sports. My sophmore year I did my sports + show choir + jazz band + spring musical+ FFA floriculture team. This year I am doing my sports + show choir + band+ jazz band + submission for honor band + trying out for the fall play + homecoming committee + fundraising for various reasons + prom + FFA floriculture + FFA Ag Communication team + all- state.

That’s right I totally made it into All-state. I tried out last year and didn’t get it. The show choir and all-state auditions are the same so I figured this year I would just do both like I did last year. My audition went awful. My national anthem sounded way of. The judge also cut me off before I finished it, rude. My pitches sounded way off and I messed up the memory work. But somehow I got in. I was super excited.

We prepared for weeks and weeks. We got out of school on thursday and went on our way to Rapid City. I have never had so much fun in my life. The ride was a major blast. Surprisingly the Milbank group was the only ones who sang. It was great.

Friday we had to be on the bus by 7:45 a.m. We then sang from 8:30 to 9:30. We had a half an hour break and then sang from 10:00 to 11:30. We then broke for lunch which was spent in Target, great times. We then had to be back at 1:00. We sang until 3. Then had another break and sang until 5. We had supper and the mall which we spent at Target again. We then practised from 7 to 9 and then we were done for the night.

Everybody hung out in the girls room because we just so cool. It was great. The people that made it to all-state from Milbank were: Bass: Tyler Buttke and Andrew Johanson, Tenor: Jacob Ebsen and Dillian Lichchin, Alto: Amber Mundwiler and Alex Weber, Soprano: Emma Werling and me Molly Rausch, as if you didn’t know that. We also had a band member, Emily Miler, make it into the orchastra which is really tricky to get in. So it was pretty much a party.

Saturday was about the same schedual but we were done by three. So we had four hours to get ready. We ate at the Outback and had a ton of laughs. Our waiter was super funny and I bet a little gay BUT it was a great time.

The concert was amazing and a ton of my friends saw me on TV so I’m pretty much famous now. haha. Well mom bought the DVD so we can all watch it a billion times. Oh, and I can commintate to it. That sounds like a ton of fun. I would elaberate more but I’m kinda tired so any questions? comment about them. Thanks for reading!

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Cornfest Weekend part 2

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The next morning, Saturday, we had to be at the booth to pick up our buttons which turned out to be a waste of time because the lady with the buttons wasn’t there.

We then got split up and half went to the waffle feed and the others went to the airport for the pancake feed. We went to both events for about and 1 and a half. We then had a little time on our hands so we went to the softball tourny. I was suppost to be on Chris Smith’s team but I couldn’t because of the contest. So we were the offical cheering section.

We then had to hang out at the park for a couple of hours. We sold the bottons we finally got and then just socialized. We each had to work about a half an hour shift for bingo but other than that our day was pretty much do whatever.

We were dismissed at about four to go and get ready. I wore a long, white, strapless gown which tied up in the back. It was amazazing. We then got there at like 5:30 and waited for the water show to get done.

I had my uncle Mike as my escort because my father was in Chicago. They sumed up our list of achievements and then stood on stage. The judges asked us one last question concerning our essay. We all answered it very well. I started off strong and then couldn’t think of the word refuge so i said “and stuff” instead. Yuck. But I did get some laughter out of the crowd.

We then walked back offstage and they crowned the rest of the little girls, and then it was our turn. We all stood in a line and then waited. Drum rolls could be heard through out the crowd, along with Japanese fireworks (aka picture flashes, Bryce). Kelsey grabed the note and read it over, then grabed the crown and proceded with the silly tradition of musical heads. The winner was…….

not me. lol. My good friend Melissa Grabow was crowned the winner. The youngest of the group stole the judges hearts. But I guess as runner up and can’t be to upset….thats right!!!! Yours truly got runner up, if they wouldn’t have changed the rules i would have had a crown, but they changed it and now I’m crownless.

Anyone know where the snow queen applications are?

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Cornfest Weekend part 1

25. August 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well as some of you might have known I was part of the cornfest queen contest thing. So this blog entry and the one to follow are for those of you who didn’t make it….I will not name anyone…Bryce and Miles……but there where some members of the family……Bryce and Miles……that couldn’t make it….Bryce and Miles….but I’m not going to name any names….hehehe. Anyway I’ll start from the beginning and end at the end. I think that sounds good.


We started arriving at St. John’s Catholic Church at 4:30. We had to be in interview wear and we were taken to a classroom in the basement that was deep underground. We waited for everyone to show up and once they were all there we had a small meeting. They then started with the youngest group and have them go into the interview one at a time and they went in alphabetical order. I was dead last.

In the interview they were all seated to you. Like you see buisness meeting in movies set up. They all stared at you like we where a piece of meat. You had to introduce yourself and then you sat. They asked you a totally of five questions. They questions and my answers where (they are not word for word):

1. What qualities to you think a queen should posses? The new queen should be comfortable with all people. She should be very friendly and out going. She needs to be a people person.

2. Who do you admire and why? I would have to say I look up to my mother. She has been through so many hard times and also a lot of good ones. Through them all she always keeps her head up high and looks for the good in everything.

3. What do you like most about yourself? I would have to say my personality. I believe that ever thing happens for a reason and to just look for the good. I am friendly and I try and be the nicest person I can. I am also outgoing. (notice i tried to make my personality match that of the queen’s)

4. What environment are you the most confortable in and why? A friendly environment. It just makes you feel at home and more comfortable. (Don’t you agree)

5. umm? I can’t remember this last one. lol!

Then they had us read our essay too them. I asked if I could stand for it and they let me. I only paraphrased a little over then that it was nicely down.

We then were suppost eat and socialize with the people but they ran out of meat so we ate at pizza ranch. After supper, we went to the street dance and just hung around and talked and that was day 1.

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Hey don’t worry im working on it. Its coming just don’t get you panties in a bundle. its coming!

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Happy Birthday to me

23. July 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Im now 17….yippy

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It’s Friday again!

14. July 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well, it took me forever and a day to figure out what I was going to write this weeks post on and then it came to me. It came in the form of a post, in the form of my brother, Bryce’s post.

I am trying to be more involved in my brother’s post because I know how wonderful it is for people to read my post and since I am seeing less and less of all my family I want that closure.

As the years have gone by, Miles has been coming home less and less, which is understandable. He has not graduated form college and is grown independent. He has a great girl who is easily my favorit girlfriend of his. I can see why he doesn’t like leaving his home home.

Bryce spends the whole summer with us but it seems like this one will be the last. I really am going to miss this company because during the school year being hom is so…….quite. I come hom or am sitting at home during the weekend and it just seems like everyone is off doing their own things and its so gloomy around the house.

Now that Brenna is old enough for sports there are a lot of times when it’s just Mom and I. Dad is constantly on the road and he also has the Legislature. He use to be home all winter but now he’s gone about three out of the four seasons.

I think because Mom and I are so much a like it’s hard to get along. When it’s just us at home we can get fed up pretty easily and I think it hurts our relationship. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but it seems like the fighting with everyone in the house has increased. It makes me sad that we just can’t get along and it’s frustrating when you know that you are the problem.

Well I just hope we don’t become one of those families that hardly ever talk and fall apart as the years go by. It just feels that we are spreading out all over the country. I mean who knows where Bryce and Lindsey will end up after Philly. Will Miles stay in SD his whole life? I mean I don’t even know where I will end up. I have to really start looking at college and I have never been to the east coast before. I really was looking into Arcadia University near Philly. They have both the fields I am interested in and they also welcome out of state comissions. Its a beautiful campus and on the east coast.

Then there is Brenna. Just the other day she was talking about maybe wanting to go to a school in California. If Brenna and I do go cross country to the two coast thats already hours to travel to get home. It kinda makes you think you know.

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Today I saw the second Pirates of the Caribbean. It was totally cool. I can’t tell if it was as good as the first because they were really different and really similar at the same time. I really can’t wait for the third on to see how they tie everthing together. I was really shocked to see that dude pirate alive at the end. Shocker! Any way, tomorrow I have to work and there is the street dance so I need my sleep. I really am going to try and keep my word for my Friday. I mean I called it and all. Well any way. Storms are coming better close now before the power goes out. MWAHAHAHA!

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I choose Friday!

30. June 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Bryce and Miles (I think it was mainly Bryce) where talking about picking certain days to write and Bryce tracked me down and asked what day I wanted and I wanted Friday. I think that’s a really neat idea.

I wanted to write about “How I got engaged” but I’m not engaged. Yet. So instead I guess I’ll talk about the Rausch Reunion coming up this weekend. People are officially supposed to start arriving tomorrow because there is a special mass on Saturday. I think that’s really funny that our family is so huge that we have to have a separate mass. It makes me wonder. Is that discrimination against the Rausch’s? I mean first the special accent that only our family has and now this. If I didn’t know better I would think that people did like us. But that’s crazy talk.

I think on Sunday there is the practice round for golf. There are two parts to the bad news I’m going to tell you: first I’m just going to be arriving in Rapid on Sunday and second I don’t get to golf this time. Tear. I wish I had had more time to go and golf. Brenna even gets to golf and I don’t. That really makes me sad. I mean I understand that she golfed all spring but still. Anyway.

Then on Monday is the big tourny. The huge game. A gargantuan amount of competition. And it only has one name:

T H E   R A U S C H   C L A S S I C

After the golf game and the tourny there is an award ceremony. After that the Reunion is pretty much done. Nothing really important happens after that. Oh, I guess they do decide there where the next one will be so that’s kind of important. But yeah that’s pretty much it. That I guess is the end of the reunion.


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School’s out for summer.

1. June 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

School has been out for a week already and I am soo excited for summer. My June and early July are jammed packed with events, camps, dog shows, and vactions. So let me update you all.

First, I would like to tell you’ll how proud I am of my two big brothers because they graduated from college. Yeah! If I had any spare money I sooo would have bought you guys great gifts. It was even like I was there, too. I mean I watched it on the TV so many times that I almost have your graduations memorized.

Next, track was finished a little before school got out and ufta! I was faster this year but so was every one else, figures. I have been running at least a couple times a week to kinda keep in shape. I want to be ready for Cross country. I’m ready to go and show coach what I got.

Our first dog show with Hogan is tomorrow. I can tell that Mom is really nervous but I’m not. Maybe that’s because I’m not doing anything but looking cute. It shouldn’t be too hard. HAHAHA just kidding. I thought shows got long when we were just watching. I can’t imagine how much longer they’re going to be when I can’t leave in the middle.

I have basketball camp next week and I’m kinda nervous for that. Coach said that they will be watching us and that will kinda help them decide about teams this winter. Good thing I was able to school Bryce today. That kinda made me feel better.

I am pumped and scared at the same time for the trip to France. I’m scared because I’ve never flown before so that is new and different. I am excited because I’ve wanted to go to France since I knew what France was. It just makes me all floaty on the inside. hehe!

The Rausch Reunion! Enough said. This is always a load of fun in its self, so I’m pumped for that. I finally might get to hike Harney Peak. I have always wanted to do that.

My summer is going to be soo fun. Now the only thing that will make it better is if Miles just came home more. 😀 Just Kidding Miles.

Love ya guys.

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Happy Birthday Brycie-Poo

9. May 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized
bryce and i2.jpg         bryce and i.jpg
We have never been closer.
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7. April 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Hey everyone on Friday and Saturday MHS is putting on the production of footloose. You should come it’s at 8 o’clock both nights and less than 3 hours long. You should come and Cut Footloose with us!

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5 day experiment

19. March 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

The latest kick at Milbank High has been fake nails. Now I know what your thinking “yuck fake nails, why would you even want to wear them?” but they are not the fake nails you use to wear in the 5th grade. These are manicured nails that you super glue on. I wasn’t sure whether to follow all of my friends and buy and wear these but then I thought “WWLD”. “That’s it I’m buying them. Lonie would want me to look pretty right?” So I go to Alco with my friends. I made a promise to myself that I would try them for at least 5 days. So here is my journal about the whole thing.

Day 1

I bought the stupid nails. Cost: around $5. I started putting them on as soon as I got home. When I kept on gluing the last nail to my finger i got fed up and ripped the rest off. Not a good idea. Brenna’s face after watching me rip them off: Priceless.

Day 2

My friends called me a fun sucker or something like that all day for not wearing the nails so after debating with myself the whole school day (and paying full attention in every class) I decided to give them one more chance. After school I went home and glued them all on. Oh my God!

Day 3

I can’t function at all with them. They are WAY too long. I keep on scatching myself and I can’t get my locker open, I even got my finger caught in my hair. WTF. Oh Diary, why am I such a cluts? I went home and cut them. Much better, life is pretty good.

Day 4

I take back what I said. My nails are soo sore and they hurt soo bad. One of my nails broke off in Computer Apps. The rest broke off in Bio. (those are my 2nd and 3rd period classes) my friends call me a wimp. They can kiss my……..WWLD…….butt.

For your FYI day 5 never happened.

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Happy Birthday Miles and Dan!

28. February 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

These two never seem to be apart.

            Miles and dan1.JPG

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I’m Going to the Olympics.

25. February 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

Well as all of you should know, if you don’t you really need to get a life, the winter olympics are on this year. I enjoy watching the many events, like snowboarding, skiing, curling, snow ball fights. Out of all of those, my favorite has got to be figure skating. My all time favorite skater, at the moment, has got to be Sasha Cohen. Everytime I watch her skate I feel inspired. It makes me want to hold my foot over my head, or do the splits, or spin really fast and for a long time, and all that great stuff. I want to go to the olympics in figure skating, But my mom got in the way of that dream.

Here is what happened….

I was trying to copy some moves I saw like holding me foot up behind my back and over my head, and holding my foot out really high like i was doing the splits in the air and all my mom would do was laugh. I did not find my training funny, but my mom almost had tears in her eyes. It wasn’t that funny ( it really was you should have been there). I was in a very difficult enviroment. I had no ice to start out with, I was in jeans, with a puppy biting my ankles ( I’ll show you the scars sometimes), not exactly a world champions normal training conditions. Despite all of my problem, I can almost do everything(Not really), or so i thought (I never seem to think right). I know I’m not very flexible, but come on. I am an athlete in training. You’re not suppost to laugh. I can almost do the splits (when I say almost I mean not even close) and I’m as graceful as a…a…um…Rhino errr. (I was really gracful when I was holding on to the table for balance but other then that no balance at all)


Ok so maybe I’m not cut out for figure skating but there is always gymnastics, downhill snowboarding, free style skiing, and snowball fighting. I’ll one day find my true sport and when I do…..I’ll make sure my mom was sad she laughed, and it will be game over for her.

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Oh my goodness!

28. January 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

I am in utter shock. Ortonville beat Milbank! I think the world is coming to an end. But before Chris and David celebrate too much I would like them to note that Ortonville and Milbank are even now. We have both lost and won to each other this year….dead even. No if, ands, or buts about it. The end. Game over on this conversation.

My other oh my goodness news. It has now become a tradition at away games for me, Molly, to steal posters from the school. This started at the Webster game and continued with the Deul game. I have them both hanging up in my locker. I would like to give credit to my brother, Bryce, for teaching me the art of stealing. All my friends have now got dibs on the next schools. It’s great. hehe.

Also, more and more students are picking up on the “Rhino” nickname. All the girls know the sign, and more and more people are cheering for the “Rhino” at games. In class a boy asked if he could switch papers the the Rhinoceros. Well I would never turn down a fan. Today at the game a girl and I were going for a lose ball and we hit an both went flying and i rolled and rolled and as I was getting up I hear someone from the crowd cheer for the “Rhino”. I personally…. am touched *tear*. Thank you.

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The big game, sort of

8. January 2006 | Kategorie Uncategorized

As some of you, not all of you, may know I play basketball. Not very well but I try. I play on ‘B’ squad, which is better than ‘C’ squad but worse than ‘A’ squad. I’m the person that sits on the bench a little while the stars on the team play. The coach has the next best people sit by him on the bench and guess what? I’m there sitting by him. YES!!! Well Yesterdays game was played against Sisseton. The varsity, or ‘A’ squad, haven’t beaten them in four years and they were out for some revenge.

Well, the freshman started off the night with a huge blow out. Then it was my game. My family had all showed up (except Miles) to cheer on the “Rhino”. Well the ‘B’ squad won, but the “Rhino” didn’t see much action at all. That’s ok, I probable wouldn’t have played very well anyway because of previous events which I wish not to speak about. Anyway, most of the JV girls didn’t see the first part of the game because we were still in the shower and getting ready phases but by the time most of us got out there we were already winning.

Long story shortened, Milbank kicked butt. I mean we had a lead of over 20 in the last quarter. It was I guess a piece of cake breaking the curse this year because we were unstopable. Between our giant Amber, our speed demon Caitlin, our great defence, and our sinking shots we were pretty much the sweetest team ever. And for Sisseton it was Game Over. ( and yes I know thats not a complete sentence.)

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Roman Numerals

27. December 2005 | Kategorie Uncategorized

I am in great confusion. I thought I knew how to read Roman Numerals but after Christmas Eve my once sure self has now been shattered.

It all started on Christmas Eve. My aunt Sue always does a treasure hunt that the nieces and nephews must figure out in order to find their present. Well this year we had to find an envelope with our name on it and then we have to decode the hint she has and the presents have a number and whatever number the hint has on it that is what number present we have.

I am not a very good looker and I was having a hard time finding my envelope. Well Sue was helping me look for it also, turns out David thought he was being funny and rehid my hint. I thought it was pretty bad that Sue couldn’t even find her own hidden object. The rules for the hiding were that the envelopes weren’t in anything so they were supposed to be easy, well David hide it in somthing so it made it really hard.

Well she must have put extra sticky stuff on my envelope because it was really hard to open so I ended up totally destroying it. I didn’t know that the hardest part was yet to come. The Decoding. My hint was an eye ball and a V. I’m like “what the….I…V….I….V.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN! Well then I started thinking a little harder and I’m like “well my sister had an IV in her this summer. It must have been like July.” Well July is the 7th month of the year so i thought my gift was number 7, but it was under the tree anymore. I knew at that moment that it wasn’t right.

Luckily my Grandma was there to help. Turns out the my hint was IV the Roman Numeral. How was i supposed to figure that out. I mean come on? Do I look Roman? Don’t think so. Well ever since that moment everyone is making fun of me. Sue, Miles, Bryce, Grandma, and now David. If you go to his blog and read the Star Wars blog you’ll see what I mean.

I better start brushing up on my Roman Numerals so I’m prepared for the next treasure hunt.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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