Sullen for a Day

Somber was the mood today. Thank you jeff for putting a word to it. Quiet and pensive. I was that way until 430, then I just stopped thinking about her. Poof gone. I mean, I am so over her it is not even funny. Elise who? Exactly.

So, right, I am not thinking about her. And then I spend this whole entry
talking about her. No, stop. Other news in my life (I’m getting serious about this Pita) is that I am the webmaster of Zimm Hall website. I don’t yet have rights to the site (I email Dawn Gaffney about that), but I am positive that it should be a fun little project. Be sure to comment your code, kids!

I love this bold idea. I am going to do that more often.
I was also trying to replace all ” ‘ ” with ” | “, but psfff, like that
worked. I keep typing ” ‘ “‘s instead of ” | “‘s. Old habbits die hard.

I have high hopes – there are quite a few new people who might submit (to my awesome powers of persuasion)
and put something on the site. I, too, will shortly add some |nostalgia|
stuff and maybe some graphic artwork (depending on if I get any scanned.)

Crimes of Frustration

I won’t lie to you, I had a bad weekend. I had
to move into a new room, get little sleep (which makes me cranky), and become
“Just Friends” with my now-x-girlfriend.

I didn|t like this weekend. As I drove home, and the sun began to hide
its head, I noticed, subconsciously, the string of pearls coming towards
me, and past me. I realized that everyone had their lights on. People behind
me did, too. Everyone knew that they should have their lights on now, except
me. Did you ever feel that way?

Did you ever feel like everyone else knew what was going on
but you? Like everyone else was at the meeting and you missed it? I have
that feeling often. I feel like everyone else knows what to do, and they
won’t tell me, and I have to just figure it out. It frustrates me. I could
have cried at that moment. Instead, I turned on my lights and kept driving.

What about you? [ ]relate[ ] to me.

The Forgotten

This is for all those whom I have not an email address for:

My new address at school is:
Miles Rausch
391 NE 8th Street
Madison, SD 57042

605 256 5623

I tried to get the word out, though.

Something New Something New

How long has it been since you’ve been able to spy upon my beautiful webonic world? Too long, some say. Others say little to that effect, but despite all that it is still here.

Welcome to Awayken.Com. I have a whole lot of new here for you. It is my pleasure (and hopefully yours) to see the new [A]wayken[.]Com[ ]

Thank you for coming – come again.

This will be updated (in a perfect world) every week at least. Do not hold your breathe.


To those of you visiting the page right now, this may seem to be quite odd. The page has completely changed colors. What gives (you say to yourself)?

The page is changing!! I’ve learned some lessons from some other “[ ]Awayken[ ]”ish pages, and I’m putting those into practice. We’ll see what develops. This will be the only change for now.

New Direction

If I was forced to write a mission statement for this site, it would have been: A site designed as a haven for people who wish to share images, documents, programs, music, and ideas of all sorts. I’ve decided to change this slightly. It would now be: A site designed to challenge the average thinker into seeing beyond the box and allowing them to share ideas of all sorts for that purpose.

Let me know what you think.

Hotel California

Well, my brother has graduated. Now he will, too, start the life of a college student. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose it. Not that he’s unstable. I hope this for everyone. It’s a lot of stress.

Good luck, Bryce!!


School is out and I (should/will) have more time for my website. At least, that’s what you would think, isn’t it? We hope so, don’t we? I’ll update this as much as possible, but no guarantees. The site is (of course) always changing. Always… Stop back as often as possible.

Plan B

Allright, minions; I have a plan (thanks to Aubree). Here it is – if you find yourself unable to muster enough artistic strength to post anything, then go out to chat rooms and play up the site. Get other people to post. This site can only get better, but it needs help. Every little bit helps.


Well, I’ve just turned both beginning pages into frames
as well (man, I love those things) and it looks great in the IE and NS6 version.
The NS not 6 version still looks horrible and I’m not sure how much progress
I’m going to make on it. If worse gets to worst, I may have to take screen
shots of the entries and place those on the page. That would be terrible…
What do you think?

Trading Places

This, I believe is going to take the place of my regular message center. Why? It’s easier. It looks relatively like my old one, and this one I can just click a link, add an entry, and be done. All self-sufficient.