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I Heart Minnesota

It has been over a month since i posted so i figured i better post again. I will just fill you in on the last week because that has been the most interesting part in a long while. The fun started on Saturday. I was sitting in my room getting ready to go upstairs and watch some NCAA basketball when all of the sudden someone jumped into my room and yelled at me. After my natural reflex of taking a stranger who surprises me down to the ground and pummeling them a few times…i to a look at his face to find it was Dan Larson…Some of you know him as “dirty dan”, others know him as “touchdown dan” and still others as “downtown dan.” I helped him up off the ground and he told me that he was gonna stay at our house till the Zeringer Twins stoped killing hobos. They ended up coming to my house about 8 hours later and reported that they had killed 3 hobos and one hooker that they thought was a hobo at first.

Tuesday came around and my parents came down to minneapolis. They brought Aaron and I to the Twins game and we got some really good seats. I am so happy that baseball season is back so i can start using all of the nicknames we created last year for almost every player again. If you have any really good ideas, help is sometimes welcomed. So far the list looks like:
Luis Castillo
Nick Punto: The Big Toe
Joe Maeur
Michael Cuddyer: God’s gift to man
Justin Mornaeu: Mo diggity (sung to the lyrics of No Diggity)
Torri Hunter
Rondell White: The sweetest swing in baseball
Jason Kubel: Useless 😉
Jason Bartlett:
Mike Redman: Mashin Mike
Jason Tyner: Ultimate Warrior

The Twins won the game and there was much celebration. After the game we dropped off Aaron and went to applebees for appetizers. Again neither Bryce nor Lindsey were working…I’m beginning to question if they even work at Applebees. But the day took a big turn when we got our waitress. Turns out we got to sit at a table served by “the crazy waitress” A select group of people should remember her being the person who seemed like she was on crack and kept touching Dan as she passed. Those of you that read this and rember her should feel special.

Today my parents, nick, and I went to watch the Wild at the Excel. I had never been to a hockey game before so it was quite an experience. I didnt even like hockey before this year and now i find myself paradoxicly in love with it. We sat in the very highest row and it was still was a very good view. The wild scored early and often and came out winning 3-0. After the game there was much celebration. I can’t wait for playoffs to start. (Darn you Sioux for ending the Gopher’s run)

I spose since there is all this celebrating going on, i should take time out to celebrate my winning of two ESIP awards as well as our college basketball bracket.

One Fruity guy to lady: “and they’re like your titties, shove em in there and boom lift and seperated.”
-overheard outside McDonald’s

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